Studies in Mormon History

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Remembering the Wives of Joseph Smith Anonymous 2004 Book
Rachel's Death : How Memory Challenges History Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher 2004 Book 3
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In Sacred Loneliness : The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith Compton, Todd M. 1997 Book 119
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude Daughters of Utah Pioneers 1998 Book 20
Martha Ann Smith Harris : Stalwart Daughter of Hyrum Smith Youngreen, Buddy 1993 Journal Article
Two Utah Pioneers Carter, Kate B. 1964 Journal Article
Nurse of San Juan Frontier Carter, Kate B. 1976 Journal Article
Hilda Erickson--Pioneer Erickson, Hilda, 1859-1968 1963 Journal Article
Character Sketch of Lucy Mack Smith Smith, Vida E. 1908 Journal Article
Distinguished Women : Emma Hale Smith Smith, Heman C. 1919 Journal Article 1
Pen Sketch of an Illustrious Woman : Eliza R. Snow Smith Wells, Emmeline B. 1881 Journal Article 4
Lydia Knight : 'God Rules' Was Her Motto Strebe, LaRea Gibbons, Williams, Jan Jansak 1977 Journal Article
From Long Ago : A True Story of Latter-day Saints Valentine, Sophy 1913 Journal Article
Melissa Coray : Woman Mormon Battalion Veteran Ricketts, Norma B. 1994 Journal Article
Heroines of the Church : Vilate Murray Kimball Wells, Emmeline B. 1891 Journal Article 1
Singing and Shouting with the Armies of Heaven : The Forgotten Voice of Ann Pitchforth Smith, Marcus L. 1993 Journal Article 1
Zina D. H. Young--A Character Sketch Wells, Emmeline B. 1901 Journal Article
Eliza Roxcy Snow Smith Ramseyer, A. A. 1911 Journal Article
Distinguished Women : Lucy Mack Smith Smith, Heman C. 1919 Journal Article
Emmeline B. Wells Tullidge, Edward W. 1881 Journal Article 2
Hannah Tapfield King Tullidge, Edward W. 1881 Journal Article
Heroines of the Church : Biography of Mary Ann Angell Young Wells, Emmeline B. 1891 Journal Article 5
Eliza R. Snow Tullidge, Edward W. 1880 Journal Article
Jane Johnston : Methodist Minister to Mormon Pioneer Spangler, Jerry D. 1981 Journal Article 1
Pioneer Women of Utah Whitney, Orson F. 1890 Journal Article
Mary Jane Dilworth Hammond, Utah's First School Teacher Young, Levi Edgar 1928 Journal Article
My Great-Great-Grandmother Emma Hale Smith Jones, Gracia N. 1992 Journal Article 1
Mary Isabella Hales Horne : Faithful Sister and Leader Kramer, Lyneve Wilson, Wilson, Eva Durrant 1982 Journal Article 3
Jane Manning James : Black Saint, 1847 Pioneer Avery, Valeen Tippetts, Newell, Linda King 1979 Journal Article 5
Lucy Harris : Wife of the Witness James, Rhett S., Scott, Beverly 1995 Journal Article
Lucy Mack Smith : Woman of Great Faith Payne, Jaynann Morgan 1972 Journal Article
Eliza R. Snow : First Lady of the Pioneers Payne, Jaynann Morgan 1973 Journal Article
Amanda Smith Jenson, Andrew 1886 Journal Article 1
Lucy Harris : Toward a Compassionate Reinterpretation James, Rhett S. 1997 Journal Article 2
Zina Young Williams Card 1892 Journal Article
Scottish Mother of Israel Golding, Robyn Pearl 1994 Journal Article
President Emmeline B. Wells Gates, Susa Young 1921 Journal Article
Great-Grandmother Zina : A More Personal Portrait Firmage, Mary Brown 1984 Journal Article
Death of Sister E. R. Snow 1888 Journal Article
The Liberal Shall Be Blessed : Sarah M. Kimball Derr, Jill Mulvay 1976 Journal Article 17
She Who Shall Be Nameless Cable, Mary 1965 Journal Article 4
'Of Goodly Parents' Anderson, Richard Lloyd 1973 Journal Article
Mother Young : Simple, Faithful Mary Ann Angell Boren, Karen 1994 Journal Article
A Biographical Sketch of R. B. Pratt Gates, Susa Young 1891 Journal Article