Studies in Mormon History

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George and Blanche Mesley — A Royal Couple Henshaw, Geoffrey R. 2013 Journal Article
He's a Flake and He's Proud of It! Montgomery, Kathy 2011 Journal Article
"On Being Human" : The Legacy William A. Wilson Schoemaker, George H. 2004 Book Chapter
Tevita Muli Kinikini : Portrait of a Tongan Pioneer Shumway, Eric B. 2000 Book Chapter
Opapo : The Power of His Faith Fonoimoana, Carl 2000 Book Chapter
Elder Neil L. Anderson : Man of Faith Christofferson, D. Todd 2009 Journal Article
"Feed My Sheep" Pioneer of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Korea : Dr Kim, Ho Jik's Lifetime and Achievements The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 2002 Book
Samuel H. Smith : Faithful Brother of Joseph and Hyrum Gaunt, LaRene Porter 2008 Journal Article
Profiles of the Prophets : Spencer W. Kimball Merrill, Timothy G., Richardson, Matthew O. 2007 Journal Article 1
Samuel W. Taylor : Talented Native Son Paulson, Jean R. 1999 Journal Article 2
Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf : On to New Horizons Holland, Jeffrey R. 2005 Journal Article
Elder David A. Bednar : Going Forward in the Strength of the Lord Eyring, Henry B. 2005 Journal Article
James E. Faust : Second Counselor to Gordon B. Hinckley (1995- ) Bell, James P. 2001 Book Chapter
Thomas S. Monson : Counselor to Ezra Taft Benson, Howard W. Hunter, and Gordon B. Hinckley (1985- ) Gurney, Brian H. 2001 Book Chapter
Marion G. Romney : Counselor to Harold B. Lee, and Spencer W. Kimball (1972-1985) Cowan, Richard O. 2001 Book Chapter
Opapo--Man of Miracles Fonoimoana, Carl 1980 Book Chapter
Harold B. Lee Arrington, Leonard J. 1986 Book Chapter
Pornchai Juntratip : First Thai Patriarch Draper, Nathan C. 1997 Book Chapter
Ezra Taft Benson Hartley, William G. 1986 Book Chapter
A Servant of God : A Story of Jack Sing Kong Bell, Kuulei 1992 Book Chapter
Lee, Harold B. Goates, L. Brent 1992 Encyclopedia Article
David O. McKay Allen, James B. 1994 Encyclopedia Article
Lowell L. Bennion England, Eugene 1994 Encyclopedia Article
Milton and Irene Soares : Mormon Pioneers of Northeastern Brazil Grover, Mark L. 1997 Book Chapter
McKay, David O. Allen, James B. 1992 Encyclopedia Article
Sterling M. McMurrin : A Heretic but Not an Apostate Madsen, Brigham D. 2002 Book Chapter
Thomas Stuart Ferguson and Book of Mormon Archaeology Larson, Stan 2002 Book Chapter
Spencer W. Kimball Kimball, Edward L. 1986 Book Chapter
Kimball, Spencer W. Kimball, Edward L. 1992 Encyclopedia Article 7
Kresimir Cosic of Yugoslavia : Basketball Superstar, Gospel Hero Mehr, Kahlile B. 1997 Book Chapter
Gordon B. Hinckley : Counselor to Spencer W. Kimball, Ezra Taft Benson, and Howard W. Hunter Winder, Michael K. 2001 Book Chapter
The Charles John Roe Family Histories : Early Settlers of Escalante, Utah Say, Joan Mason 2002 Book
Japanese Pioneers : Masao and Hisako Watabe Watabe, Masakazu 1997 Book Chapter
A Doorkeeper in the House of the Lord Welch, John W. 1990 Book Chapter
Charles Redd : Profile of a Renaissance Man as a Rancher Young, Karl E. 1975 Book Chapter
Tevita Muli Kinikini, Man of Faith Shumway, Eric B. 1985 Book Chapter
H. David Burton Nelson, Veneese C. 2003 Book Chapter
John H. Vandenberg Reynolds, Holly N., Reynolds, Morgan D. 2003 Book Chapter
Merrill J. Bateman Cowan, Richard O. 2003 Book Chapter
Robert D. Hales Bell, James P. 2003 Book Chapter
Victor L. Brown Brown, Stephen M. 2003 Book Chapter
Joseph L. Wirthlin Wirthlin, Matthew T. 2003 Book Chapter
Samuel Woolley Taylor : Mormon Literary Maverick Cracroft, Richard H. 2000 Journal Article
Observing the Observer : A personal look at Hugh Nibley for insights into a faithful life Florence, Giles H., Jr. 2001 Journal Article
New Dimensions of Devotion : Walter Krause Cannon, Donald Q. 2003 Journal Article 8
Ezra Taft Benson (1) Benson, Ezra T., Evans, John Henry 1946 Journal Article
President Spencer W. Kimball : The Arizona Years Heiselt, Preston, Park, Babzanne 1978 Journal Article
Heber J. Grant : The Apostle and President of the Church Clawson, Rudger 1936 Journal Article
President Gordon B. Hinckley : An Anchor of Faith Ballard, M. Russell 1994 Journal Article
'Seek First the Kingdom of God . . .' Hinckley, Gordon B. 1950 Journal Article