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The Latter-day Saint Edition of the King James Version Backman, Milton V., Jr., Jackson, Kent P. 2011 Book Chapter 1
Why the King James Version Clark, J. Reuben, Jr. 1979 Book 1
The Old Testament : A Mormon Perspective Pearson, Glenn Laurentz 1980 Book 1
The Story of Judah and Tamar Spackman, T. Benjamin 2010 Journal Article 1 1
Nothing New Under the Sun : A Blunt Paraphrase of Ecclesiastes Miller, Adam S. 2016 Book
As Iron Sharpens Iron : Listening to the Various Voices of Scripture Smith, Julie Marie 2016 Book
Fleeing the Garden : Reading Genesis 2–3 Mormon Theology Seminar 2017 Book
The Sun Has Burned My Skin : A Modest Paraphrase of Solomon’s Song of Songs Miller, Adam S. 2017 Book
Elisha and the Children : The Question of Accepting Prophetic Succession Woods, Fred E. 1992 Journal Article
The New Testament: A Translation for Latter-day Saints Wayment, Thomas A. 2018 Book
The Latter-day Saint Reimaging of "the Breath of Life" (Genesis 2:7) Pike, Dana M. 2017 Journal Article 20
The Prophetess of Endor : Reception of 1 Samuel 28 in Nineteenth Century Mormon History Blythe, Christopher James 2017 Journal Article
Ominous Onomastics: Symbolic Naming and Paronomasia in Old Testament Prophecy Bowen, Matthew L. 2017 Book Chapter
"I Will Write My Law in Their Hearts" Condie, Spencer J. 2017 Book Chapter 2
"A Miracle from Day One" : Publication of the Joseph Smith Translation Manuscripts McConkie, Rebecca L. 2004 Journal Article
The Patience of the Saints Udall, Marc 1996 Book
The Concept of Apostasy in the New Testament Faulconer, James E. 2005 Book Chapter
Birth and Calling of the Prophet Samuel : A Literary Reading of the Biblical Text Olsen, Steven L. 2017 Journal Article
Isaiah's Burden Prophesies As Spiritual Formulas Top, Justin 2007 Dissertation
Between Exegesis and Homiletics : Examining the Genres at Play in an LDS Commentary Kirby, D. Jill 2014 Journal Article
Enthroning the Daughter of Zion : The Coronation Motif of Isaiah 60-62 Anderson, Carli J. 2005 Dissertation
What Has Moroni to Do with John? Frederick, Nicholas J. 2013 Journal Article 6
Preservation of the Writing Approaches of the Four Gospel Writers in the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible Miles, Donald Joseph 1992 Dissertation 3
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