Studies in Mormon History

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Why a Mormon Won't Drink Coffee but Might Have a Coke : The Atheological Character of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Faulconer, James E. 2006 Journal Article 9 3
Banishing the Cross : The Emergence of a Mormon Taboo Reed, Michael G. 2012 Book 8
Still, the Small Voice Narrative, Personal Revelation, and the Mormon Folk Tradition Mould, Tom, Mould, Tom 2011 Book 8
Grassroots Deviance from Official Doctrine : A Study of Latter-day Saint (Mormon) Folk-beliefs Crapo, Richley H. 1987 Journal Article 6
Spirit Babies and Divine Embodiment : PBEs, First Vision Accounts, Bible Scholarship, and the Experience-Centered Approach to Mormon Folklore Eliason, Eric A. 2014 Journal Article 3 9
The Vitality of Mormonism : Brief Essays on Distinctive Doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Talmage, James E. 1917 Book 1
Expressions of Faith : Testimonies of Latter-day Saint Scholars Black, Susan Easton 1996 Book 1
Art and the Church Mathews, Conan E. 1961 Journal Article 1
Do We Have to Believe That? Canon and Extra-canonical Sources of LDS Belief Anderson, Christian N. K. 2017 Journal Article 1 12
Top Kingdom : The Mormon Race for the Celestial Gates Thayer, Donlu Dewitt 1989 Journal Article 1 2
Millennium, Messiahs, and Mayhem : Contemporary Apocalyptic Movements Palmer, Susan J., Robbins,Thomas 1997 Book 1
Folk Ideas of Mormon Pioneers Embry, Jessie L., Wilson, William A. 1998 Journal Article 1
"Thou Art the Christ, the Son of the Living God" : The Person and Work of Jesus in the New Testament Blumell, Lincoln H., Griffin, Tyler J., Huntsman, Eric D. 2018 Book
An Early Resurrection : Life in Christ Before you Die Miller, Adam S. 2018 Book
The Mormon God, Omniscience, and Eternal Progression : A Philisophical Analysis Beckwith, Francis J. 1991 Journal Article
Religious Humor in Evangelical Christian and Mormon Culture McIntyre, Elisha 2018 Book
Deep Conviction : True Stories of Ordinary Americans Fighting for the Freedom to Live Their Beliefs Collis, Steven T. 2019 Book
Mormonism and the American Experience: History of American Civilization Hansen, Klaus J. 1981 Book
Being Mormon : An LDS Response Bates, Irene M. 1984 Journal Article 3
Ask Gramps, Volume 2 : Another 101 Everyday Concerns, Curiosities, and Uncertainties of the Latter-day Saints Gorton, H. Clay 2002 Book
Ask Gramps : Addressing 101 Everyday Concerns, Curiosities, and Uncertainties of Latter-day Saints Gorton, H. Clay 2001 Book
Prayer, Sacrifice, and Service : Themes in the Mormon Folk Narrative Tradition Vane, Jacob D 2012 Dissertation
Art, Belief, Meaning : The Arts and the Restored Gospel, Volume 1 Dant, Doris R., Du Toit, Herman 2012 Book
A Theology of Possibilities : Mormon Doctrine and Open Folk Beliefs Wendt, Dennis C. 2008 Journal Article 5
Mormonism and Intellectual Freedom Anderson, Rick 2014 Journal Article 1
Settlement Folk Ideas : Stories of the Mormons' Move West Embry, Jessie L., Wilson, William A. 1998 Journal Article
Mormon Art and Belief Movement Swanson, Vern G. 1991 Journal Article
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