Studies in Mormon History

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
The Autobiography of Parley Parker Pratt Pratt, Parley P. 1874 Book 170
Mormonism Unveiled Lee, John D. 1877 Book 51
Forty Years among the Indians Jones, Daniel W. 1890 Book 47
Brigham's Destroying Angel Hickman, William A. 1872 Book 44
My Life's Review Johnson, Benjamin F. 1947 Book 55
Jacob Hamblin : A Narrative of His Personal Experience Hamblin, Jacob 1881 Book 34
Life of a Pioneer : Being the Autobiography of James S. Brown Brown, James S. 1900 Book 32
Autobiography of Andrew Jenson : Assistant Historian of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Jenson, Andrew 1938 Book 34
Autobiography of Pioneer John Brown 1820-1896 Brown, John 1941 Book 19
An Abundant Life : The Memoirs of Hugh B. Brown Brown, Hugh B. 1988 Book 16
The Autobiography of B. H. Roberts Roberts, B. H. 1990 Book 19
Shifting Borders and a Tattered Passport : Intellectual journeys of a Mormon academic Mauss, Armand L. 2012 Book 14 94
Frontiersman : Abner Blackburn's Narrative Bagley, Will, Blackburn, Abner 1992 Book 13
Autobiography of George W. Bean : A Utah Pioneer of 1847 Bean, George W. 1945 Book 13
Cross Fire : The Eight Years with Eisenhower Benson, Ezra Taft 1962 Book 12
Mormon Democrat : The Religious and Political Memoirs of James Henry Moyle Moyle, James Henry 1974 Book 12
In a Sunlit Land : The Autobiography of John A. Widtsoe Widtsoe, John A. 1952 Book 15
Through Memory's Halls : The Life Story of Orson F. Whitney Whitney, Orson F. 1930 Book 13
In the Direction of His Dreams : Memoirs Nelson, Lowry 1985 Book 10
Memories and Reflections : The Autobiography of E. E. Ericksen Ericksen, Ephraim E. 1987 Book 9
Giant of the Lord : Life of a Pioneer Brown, James S., Thompson, D. A. 1960 Book 10
The History of Brigham Young Young, Brigham 1865 Journal Article 8
Autobiography and Recollections of a Pioneer Printer Howe, Eber D. 1878 Book 9
The Life and Confession of John D. Lee, the Mormon Lee, John D. 1877 Book 8
A Mormon Rebel : The Life and Travels of Frederick Gardiner Gardiner, Frederick 1993 Book 7
Historian as Entrepreneur : A Personal Essay Arrington, Leonard J. 1977 Journal Article 7 2
The Autobiography of Elder Helvecio Martins Grover, Mark L., Martins, Helvec?io 1994 Book 7
Silent Courage : An Indian Story : The Autobiography of George P. Lee, a Navajo Lee, George P. 1987 Book 9
History of Joseph Smith Smith, Joseph, Jr. 1852 Book 11
An Address by Way of an Abridged Account and Journal of My Life from February 1844 Up to April 1848, with an Appeal to the Latter-day Saints Wight, Lyman, 1796-1858 1848 Book 10
Autobiography of Elder Charles Derry Derry, Charles 1916 Journal Article 6
Autobiography of Hosea Stout, 1810 to 1835 Stout, Hosea 1962 Journal Article 7 15
Biography of Christopher Merkley. Written by Himself Merkley, Christopher 1887 Book 6
Reminiscences of Charles W. Nibley, 1849-1931 Nibley, Charles W. 1934 Book 6
Uncle Will Tells His Story Brooks, Will 1970 Book 5
Autobiography of Christopher Layton Layton, Christopher 1911 Book 6
'The Unfavored Few' : The Autobiography of Joseph L. Rawlins Rawlins, Joseph L. 1956 Book 5
Journal of Leonard E. Harrington Harrington, Leonard E., 1816-1883 1940 Journal Article 5
It's You and Me, Lord Cherry, Alan 1970 Book 5
Beckoning Frontiers : Public and Personal Recollections Eccles, Marriner S. 1951 Book 4
Utah Pioneering : An Autobiography Israelsen, Andrew M. 1938 Book 4
Recalling a Twin Falls Childhood Arrington, Leonard J. 1982 Journal Article 4
Why I Am a Believer Arrington, Leonard J. 1985 Journal Article 5
Brigham Himself : An Autobiographical Recollection Esplin, Ronald K., Walker, Ronald W. 1977 Journal Article 5
Life and Family of Joseph T. Bentley : An Autobiography Bentley, Joseph T. 1982 Book 4
The Life Story of Orson F. Whitney, As Told by Himself Whitney, Orson F. 1930 Book 4
Arizona Pioneer Mormon, David King Udall : His Story and His Family, 1851-1938 Nelson, Pearl Udall, Udall, David King 1959 Book 4
Andrew Hunter Scott : Builder in the Kingdom Laing, Susan Tate 2001 Book 2
The Rest is History Quinn, D. Michael 1995 Journal Article 3
Autobiography of Wilford Woodruff Woodruff, Wilford 1884 Journal Article 4