Studies in Mormon History

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Personal Reflections on Mormon History Arrington, Leonard J. 1983 Journal Article 3
History is Then--and Now : A Conversation with Leonard J. Arrington, Church Historian Arrington, Leonard J. 1975 Journal Article 3
A Soldier in North Africa and Italy, 1943-1946; A Pictorial History Arrington, Leonard J. 1995 Book 3
Reflections of a Mormon Historian : Leonard J. Arrington on the New Mormon History Arrington, Leonard J. 2006 Book 2
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Coming to Terms with Mormon History : An Interview with Leonard Arrington Arrington, Leonard J. 1989 Journal Article 1
Leonard J. Arrington : Mormon History's Leading Man Jolley, JoAnn 1980 Journal Article 1
The Voices of Memory 1999 Journal Article 1 11
Mormonism's 'Happy Warrior' : Appreciating Leonard J. Arrington Walker, Ronald W. 1999 Journal Article 1 51
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Editing Arrington Bergera, Gary James 2020 Journal Article 1
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Knowing the Man in History Draper, Genevieve 2010 Book
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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Whittaker, David J. 2010 Book Chapter
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The Rise of Mormon Cultural History and the Changing Status of the Archive Spencer, Joseph M. 2009 Dissertation