Studies in Mormon History

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Religion and Adolescent Drug Use : A Comparison of Mormons and Other Religions Bahr, Stephen J. 1994 Book Chapter 3
Baring witness : 36 Mormon women talk candidly about love, sex, and marriage Welker, Holly 2016 Book 2 8
Polygamy Under Attack : From Tom Green to Brian David Mitchell Llewellyn, John R. 2004 Book 2
The 1855 Murder of Isaac Whitehouse in Parowan, Utah O'Donovan, Connell 2014 Journal Article 2 3
Confronting Abuse : An LDS Perspective on Understanding and Healing Emotional, Physical, Sexual, Psychological, and Spiritual Abuse Harrison, B. Kent, Horton, Anne L., Johnson, Barry L. 1993 Book 2
My Story Smart, Elizabeth 2013 Book 1
Leaving the Saints : How I Lost the Mormons and Found My Faith Beck, Martha Nibley 2006 Book 1
The Relationship Between Family Religiosity and Drug Use Behavior Among Youth Gardner, Nicole W., Merrill, Ray M., Salazar, Richard D. 2000 Dissertation 1
Saving Alex : When I Was Fifteen I Told my Mormon Parents I Was Gay, and That's When my Nightmare Began Brooks, Joanna, Cooper, Alex 2016 Book 1
A Long Course of the Most Inhuman Cruelty : The Abuse and Murder of Isaac Whitehouse Carmack, Noel A. 2014 Book 1 18
Family in the Church : Latter-day Saint Doctrine Regarding Family and Gender Seidel, Amber J. 2006 Dissertation 1
Youth, Sex, and Coercion : The Neglect of Sexual Abuse Factors in LDS Data and Policy on Premarital Sex Reynolds, Dynette I. 1996 Journal Article 1
Voices from Drug Court : Community-Based Oral History at Utah State University Williams, Randy 2018 Journal Article
Learning the Wrong Lessons : A Comparison of FLDS, Family International, and Branch Davidian Child-Protection Interventions Shepherd, Gary, Shepherd, Gordon 2011 Book Chapter
The Many Faces of Polygamy : An Analysis of the Variability in Modern Mormon Intermountain West Bennion, Janet 2011 Book Chapter
Religious Freedom Versus Children's Rights : Challenging Media Framing of Short Creek, 1953 Munn, Marion Alison 2014 Dissertation
Religious [Out]laws : An Analysis of the 2008 Fundamentalist Latter-day Saints Raid Ambutter, Cassie 2014 Dissertation
LDS Victims of Spousal Abuse : Religiosity and the Decision to Stay McMaster, Betty Anne 1998 Dissertation
Bones Heal Faster : Spousal Abuse in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Day, Terence L. 2013 Journal Article 4
The Sins of Brother Curtis : A Story of Betrayal, Conviction, and the Mormon Church Davis, Lisa 2011 Book
Dens of Hell in the Cities of Zion Kirk, Andrew Taylor 2010 Journal Article
Patriarchy, Intervention, and Prophetic Leadership Challenges in the Culture of Mormon Fundamentalism Bradley, Martha Sonntag 2006 Journal Article 3
A Matter of Principle : Fundamentalist Mormon Polygamy, Children, and Human Rights Debates Kent, Stephen A. 2006 Journal Article 11
The Higher Powers : Fred M. Smith and the Peyote Ceremonies Barnes, Shelby M. 1998 Journal Article
Blaming the Victim : The Miscarriage of Justice in the Case of Alice Lundgren Russell, William D. 2007 Journal Article 1
Don't Drink, Don't Smoke, What Do You Do? A Look at Food Use and Substance Use Among Mormons Mason, Laura L. 1995 Dissertation
An Analysis of Alchohol Use Patterns Among Adolescent Members of the Lds Church (Mormons, Utah) Hawks, Ricky D. 1987 Dissertation
Alcohol Use among LDS and other Groups Teaching Abstinence Hawks, Ricky D. 1990 Book Chapter
A Colorful Past : The History of Alcohol in San Juan County Wilson, Michael 1999 Journal Article
Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse : The Case of Mormon Women Gedes, Karen E. 1996 Journal Article
Secret Abominations : Healing and Empowering Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Horton, Anne L. 1993 Journal Article
Mormonism and the Misuse of Alcohol and Other Drugs Gregersen, Juel D. 1993 Journal Article
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Utah's Liberal Drug Laws : Structural Foundations and Triggering Events Basilick, Linda, Galliher, John F. 1979 Journal Article
Spiritual Correlates of Reported Sexual Abuse among Mormon Women Pritt, Ann F. 1998 Journal Article
Religion and Youth Substance Use Hughes, Robert H., Lorch, Barbara R. 1985 Journal Article
Unpleasant, Aggressive and Abusive Activities in Courtship : A Comparison of Mormon and Non-Mormon College Students Laner, Mary R. 1985 Journal Article
Clergy Attitudes about Drug Abuse and Abuse Education : A Case Study Jolley, Jerry C. 1972 Journal Article
Correlates of Adolescent Drug Use by Gender and Geographic Location Johnson, Richard E., Marcos, Anastasios C. 1988 Journal Article
Deviant Scripturalism and Ritual Satanic Abuse : Possible Masonic, Mormon, Magick, and Pagan Influences Kent, Stephen A. 1993 Journal Article
Addiction in an LDS Family : A Personal Perspective Thatcher, Julie 1996 Journal Article
Reported Child Sexual Abuse : Subjective Realities Nelson, Dennis E., Taylor, Trish 1985 Journal Article
Dealing with Spiritual Abuse : The Role of the Mormon Alliance Toscano, Paul J. 1993 Journal Article
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