Studies in Mormon History

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Dr. John Milton Bernhisel : Utah's First Delegate to the National Congress Bernhisel, David M. 1912 Journal Article 2
A Great Little Saint : A Brief Look at the Life of Henry William Bigler Bishop, M. Guy 1990 Journal Article 2 14
Thomas Rhoads, Forgotten Mormon Pioneer of 1846 Davies, J. Kenneth 1983 Journal Article 2
George Careless, Pioneer Musician Maxwell, Bruce David 1985 Journal Article 2 6
Father of Joseph's Daughter : John Murdock Newton, Marjorie 1992 Journal Article 2 7
Introduction to the 1845-1846 Journal of Thomas Bullock Knight, Gregory R. 1991 Journal Article 2 19
Truman Leonard : Pioneer Mormon Farmer Leonard, Glen M. 1976 Journal Article 2
Franklin D. Richards and his Missions Tullidge, Edward W. 1883 Journal Article 2
Charles R. Savage, the Other Promontory Photographer Richards, Bradley W. 1992 Journal Article 2 2
Autobiography of Erastus Snow Snow, Erastus 1923 Journal Article 2
James Ririe - Archibald McFarland Carter, Kate B. 1966 Journal Article 2
Ten Autobiographies Carter, Kate B. 1969 Journal Article 2
Autobiography of John Lingren Lingren, John 1952 Journal Article 2
Journal and Diary of Albert King Thurber Thurber, Albert King, 1826-1888 1954 Journal Article 2
Prophets and Patriarchs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Cowley, Matthias F. 1902 Book 2
Fifty Years Building Utah : Joseph Horne's Pioneering Contributions Arrington, Harriet Horne 1999 Book Chapter 1
Angus M. Cannon : Pioneer, President, Patriarch Cannon, Donald Q. 1985 Book Chapter 1
Edward Hunter : Pioneer Presiding Bishop Hartley, William G. 1985 Book Chapter 1
Andrew Jenson : Zealous Chronologist Perkins, Keith W. 1985 Book Chapter 1
B. H. Roberts : Historian and Theologian McMurrin, Sterling M. 1990 Book Chapter 1
John Welch : A Pioneer in Paradise, Utah Welch, John W. 1999 Book Chapter 1
John Taylor Smith, Paul Thomas 1986 Book Chapter 1
Lorenzo Snow Swinton, Heidi S. 1986 Book Chapter 1
William Butler : Irish Convert and Builder of the Kingdom Foster, Craig L. 1995 Journal Article 1
Angus M. Cannon : Frustrated Mormon Miner Cannon, Donald Q. 1989 Journal Article 1 6
Alexander Neibaur 1914 Journal Article 1
Alfred Boaz Lambson 1915 Journal Article 1
Samuel D. Chambers Hartley, William G. 1994 Journal Article 1
History of Orson Pratt Pratt, Orson 1938 Journal Article 1
History of David Pettigrew Pettigrew, David 1980 Journal Article 1
James Ross : The Experiences of a Scottish Immigrant to America McLeod, Dean L. 1978 Journal Article 1
Patrick Edward Connor, First Gentile of Utah Kibby, Leo P. 1963 Journal Article 1
The Life of Philip De La Mare Morgan, Nicholas G. 1930 Journal Article 1
Pioneers of Southern Utah Palmer, William R. 1945 Journal Article 1
The Twelve Apostles : Amasa Lyman Jenson, Andrew 1887 Journal Article 1
The Story of Sam Brannan Jordan, Ralph B. 1936 Journal Article 1
'Man Kalder Mig Digter' : C. C. A. Christensen, Poet of the Scandinavian Scene in Early Utah Mulder, William 1947 Journal Article 1
Orson Pratt--A Biographical Study Lyon, T. Edgar 1947 Journal Article 1
In Intimate Touch with Professor George Careless Pyper, George D. 1924 Journal Article 1
Builders of the West : Charles W. Penrose Lynch, Annie 1918 Journal Article 1
Elias L. T. Harrison Tullidge, Edward W. 1880 Journal Article 1
A Sketch of My Life - Edwin Scott Stott, Edwin 1941 Journal Article 1
Eli Wiggill Wiggill, Eli 1985 Journal Article 1
Edward J. Wood : 'Faith Personified' Todd, Jay M. 1988 Journal Article 1
Life of Charles William Symons Symons, Charles William 1939 Journal Article 1
The Apostle Lorenzo Snow Tullidge, Edward W. 1883 Journal Article 1
Orson Pratt : Apostle, Pioneer, Philosopher, Scientist and Historian Whitney, Orson F. 1912 Journal Article 1
Orson Pratt, Jr. : Gifted Son of An Apostle and an Apostate Van Wagoner, Mary C., Van Wagoner, Richard S. 1988 Journal Article 1 10
Biography of William O. Clark Short, Julia R. 1913 Journal Article 1
The Diary and Journal of Thomas Briggs Briggs, Thomas 1960 Journal Article 1