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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Between Two Economies : The Business Development of the Young Woman's Journal, 1889-1900 Tait, Lisa Olsen 2012 Journal Article 3 9
The Iowa Journal of Lorenzo Snow Snow, Lorenzo;Beecher, Maureen Ursenbach 1984 Journal Article 11 9
George Laub's Nauvoo Journal England, Eugene;Laub, George 1978 Journal Article 33 9
Andrew Jenson's Illustrated Journey to Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice, August 1911 Woods, Fred E. 2008 Journal Article 3 9
Enterprising Ladies : Utah's Nineteenth-Century Women Editors Bennion, Sherilyn Cox 1981 Journal Article 8 8
Journal of Captain Albert Tracy, 1858-1860 Auerbach, Herbert Samuel;Tracy, Albert 1945 Journal Article 3 7
Solomon Spaulding's Indians, or, What the "Manuscript Found" Really Tells Us Jortner, Adam 2012 Journal Article 2 7
The Online Journal of George Q. Cannon Rust, Richard Dilworth 2016 Journal Article 2 6
Elaine Anderson Cannon, Young Women General President : Innovations, Inspiration, and Implementations Woodger, Mary Jane 2014 Journal Article 0 6
A Territorial Militiaman in the Utah War : Journal of Newton Tuttle Tuttle, Newton, 1825-1905;Gardner, Hamilton 1954 Journal Article 8 6
'Book A--Levi Mathers Savage' : The Look of Utah in 1873 Peterson, Charles S.;Savage, Levi Mathers, 1851-1935 1973 Journal Article 4 6
'All Things Move in Order in the City' : The Nauvoo Diary of Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs Beecher, Maureen Ursenbach;Jacobs, Zina Diantha Huntington, 1821-1901 1979 Journal Article 41 6
Writing in the "Waggon" : The 1895 Travel Journal of Lucretia Pepper Wightman Wightman, Lucretia P.;Godfrey, Audrey M. 2010 Journal Article 0 5
A Study of Evidences Related to LDS Church History as Reflected in Volumes I Through XIII of the Journal of Discourses Richards, Paul C. 1972 Dissertation 0 5
Julius F. Taylor and the Broad Ax of Salt Lake City Sweeney, Michael S. 2009 Journal Article 0 5
Cooke's Journal of the March of the Mormon Battalion, 1846-1847 Beiber, Ralph Paul;The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1938 Book Chapter 1 5
Maturing and Enduring : Dialogue and Its Readers after Forty Years Mauss, Armand L.;Reynolds, Robert W.;Remy, John D. 2006 Journal Article 2 5
Andrew Jenson Chides the Saints Peterson, Paul H. 2000 Journal Article 2 5
Across the Plains in 1858 Ackley, Richard Thomas 1941 Journal Article 9 5
William Law's Diary and the Perils of Suspect Sources Park, Benjamin E. 2021 Journal Article 1 4
Dating Joseph Smith's First Nauvoo Sealings Hales, Brian C. 2016 Journal Article 0 4
A Forty-Year View : Dialogue and the Sober Lessons of History Menlove, Frances L. 2006 Journal Article 1 4
Reflections on the Mission of The Interpreter Foundation Peterson, Daniel C. 2014 Journal Article 0 4
Ripe Fields, Plentiful Laborers, Few Jobs : The Prospects and Challenges for Early-Career Mormon Studies Scholars Howlett, David J. 2015 Journal Article 0 4
Setting the Record Straight Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel 1999 Journal Article 0 4
The Journal of Robert Chalmers Kelly, Charles;Chalmers, Robert, 1821-1895 1952 Journal Article 1 4
The Interpreter Foundation and an Apostolic Charge Peterson, Daniel C. 2018 Journal Article 0 3
Isaac Russell's Remarkable Interview with Harold Bride, Sole Surviving Wireless Operator from the Titanic Cannon, Kenneth L., II 2013 Journal Article 1 3
"This Great Thing Which Has Come to Me a Humble, Weak, Farmer Boy" : Ezra Taft Benson's 1943 Call to the Apostleship Bergera, Gary James 2008 Journal Article 6 3
Eliza R. Snow's Nauvoo Journal Snow, Eliza R.;Beecher, Maureen Ursenbach 1975 Journal Article 16 3
B. H. Roberts and the Woodruff Manifesto Roberts, B. H.;Walker, Ronald W. 1982 Journal Article 8 3
Journal of Two Campaigns by the Utah Territorial Militia against the Navajo Indians, 1869 Crampton, C. Gregory;Miller, David E. 1961 Journal Article 6 3
The Kirtland Diary of Wilford Woodruff Jessee, Dean C.;Woodruff, Wilford 1972 Journal Article 26 3
Utah Newspapers Take Different Approaches to Coverage of First Amendment Controversy Scott, David W.;McDonald,Christopher S. 2005 Journal Article 0 2
Biographical Sketches and original documents of the first Powell Expedition of 1869 Morgan, Dale L. 1947 Journal Article 1 2
Pageant in the Wilderness : The Story of the Escalante Expedition to the Interior Basin, 1776 ; Including the Diary and Itinerary of Father Excalante Tranasted and Annotated Bolton, Herbert E. 1950 Journal Article 8 2
David O. McKay and the 'Twin Sisters' : Free Agency and Tolerance Prince, Gregory A. 2000 Journal Article 1 2
Recent Writing on Utah and The Mormons Taylor, Philip A. M. 1962 Journal Article 1 2
The John Taylor Nauvoo Journal Jessee, Dean C.;Taylor, John 1983 Journal Article 24 2
'I Care Nothing For Politics' : Ruth May Fox, Forgotten Suffragist Fox, Ruth May;Thatcher, Linda 1981 Journal Article 7 2
Hagar in LDS Scripture and Thought Smith, Andrew C. 2014 Journal Article 1 2
Life in the Rocky Mountains : A Diary of Wanderings on the Sources of the Rivers Missouri, Columbia, and Colorado, 1830-1835 Ferris, Warren Angus 1983 Book 17 1
The Robert S. Bliss Journal Cooley, Everett L.;Bliss, Robert Stanton, 1805-1851 1959 Journal Article 4 1
Diary of Lorenzo Dow Young Young, Lorenzo Dow, 1807-1895;Young, Harriet Page, 1803-1871 1946 Journal Article 14 1
In and Out of Mormondom : Charles W. Hemenway, Journalist Bennion, Sherilyn Cox 1993 Journal Article 1 1
Father Escalante's Journal Auerbach, Herbert Samuel 1943 Journal Article 5 1
The Josephine Diaries : Glimpses of the Life of Josephine Streeper Chase, 1881-94 Dix, Fae Decker 1978 Journal Article 3 1
Eugene England's Theology of Peace Ericson, Loyd 2012 Book 3 1
The Founding and the Fortieth : Reflections on the Challenge of Editing and the Promise of Dialogue Johnson, G. Wesley 2006 Journal Article 0 1
Personal Reflections on the Founding of Dialogue Salisbury, Paul G. 2006 Journal Article 0 1