Studies in Mormon History

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
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In Search of a Peculiar People : Are Mormon Families Really Different? Goodman, Kristen L., Heaton, Tim B., Holman, Thomas B. 1994 Book Chapter 11
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The Basis of Mormon Success : A Theoretical Application Stark, Rodney 1998 Book Chapter 11
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'White' or 'Pure' : Five Vignettes Campbell, Douglas 1996 Journal Article 11
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Mormonism and the Moral Majority Make Strange Bedfellows? An Exploratory Critique Brinkerhoff, Merlin B., Jacob, Jeffrey C., Mackie, Marlene M. 1987 Journal Article 10
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Professionalizing Religious Education in the Church : The 'New Curriculum' Controversy Knapp, William J. 1982 Journal Article 10
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The Dark Way to the Tree : Typological Unity in the Book of Mormon Jorgensen, Bruce W. 1977 Journal Article 9
How Long O Lord? The Delay of the Parousia in Mormonism Norman, Keith E. 1983 Journal Article 9
Polygyny and Fertility in Nineteenth Century America Kunz, Phillip R., Smith, James E. 1976 Journal Article 9
Social Problems of Today : The Mormon Problem in Its Economic Aspects Lum, Dyer D. 1886 Book 9
The Lord's University : Freedom and Authority at BYU Kagel, Brian, Waterman, Bryan 1998 Book 9
Modernization and Mormon Growth : The Secularization Thesis Revisited Stark, Rodney 1994 Book Chapter 8
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Belief, Metaphor, and Rhetoric : The Mormon Practice of Testimony Bearing Knowlton, David C. 1991 Journal Article 8
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Fertility Change on the American Frontier : Adaptation and Innovation Anderton, Douglas L., Bean, Lee L., Mineau, Geraldine P. 1990 Book 8
Socio-histoire du mormonisme en France (1850-2005) : une étude historique et sociologique de l'implantation de l'Eglise de Jésus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours (les Mormons) en France, ainsi qu'en Suisse et Belgique francophones Euvrard, Christian, Willaime, Jean-Paul 2014 Dissertation 7
Analyzing LDS Growth in Guatemala : Report from a Barrio Gooren, Henri 2000 Journal Article 7 19
Mormon Membership Trends in Europe among People of Color : Present and Future Studies Lobb, C. Gary 2000 Journal Article 7 12
Attuning the Authentic Mormon Voice : Stemming the Sophic Tide in LDS Literature Cracroft, Richard H. 1994 Journal Article 7
Religion and Family Formation Goodman, Kristen L., Heaton, Tim B. 1985 Journal Article 7