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Schisms, RLDS, 20th century

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The Temple in Zion : A Reorganized Perspective on a Latter Day Saint Institution Brown, Richard A. 1991 Journal Article 1 0
Beating Plowshares into Swords : The Community of Christ and War Edwards, Paul M. 2002 Journal Article 0 0
Being Mormon : An RLDS Response Edwards, Paul M. 1984 Journal Article 0 0
Community of Christ as "Emerging Church" Shields, Steven L. 2011 Journal Article 0 0
From "System of Beliefs" to "Way of Life" : Fifty Years of Transformation in Community of Christ Shields, Steven L. 2013 Journal Article 0 0
The Gathering Storm Part 2 : 1966 to 1970 Landon, Donald D. 2013 Journal Article 0 0
Richard Price : Leading Publicist of the Reorganized Church's Schismatics Russell, William D. 1994 Book Chapter 0 0
The RLDS Church's Directive on Baptism of Saura Tribal Polygamists : Canonizing Administrative Policy, 1967-1972 Howard, Richard P. 2013 Book Chapter 0 0