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Doctrinal history, good and evil

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
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God's Megaphone to a Deaf World: C. S. Lewis's Personal Sojourn to Understanding the Problem of Pain Top, Brent L. 1999 Book Chapter 0 1
War a Good Warfare: Understanding Agency in the Plan of Salvation Arnold, Grant 2023 Journal Article 0 8
From a Theological to a Psychological / Neuropsychological Understanding of Evil Frye, Ellen M. 2013 Journal Article 0 0
A God Who is Morally Praiseworthy : A Response to Carl Mosser Ostler, Blake T. 2008 Journal Article 0 1
Roots : On a Mission Jones, Paul 2014 Journal Article 0 0
The Fundamental Law of Opposition: Lehi and Schelling Hatem, Jad 2015 Journal Article 0 3
Mormonism and the Challenge of an Adequate Theodicy : A Response to David Paulsen, et al. Birch, Brian D. 2015 Journal Article 0 3
The Problem of Evil in Mormon Thought McLaughlan, James M. 2015 Book Chapter 1 5
A Mormon Bigfoot : David Patten's Cain and the Conception of Evil in LDS Folklore Bowman, Matthew 2011 Book Chapter 1 0
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Evil Paulsen, David L. 1992 Encyclopedia Article 1 1
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A Mormon Theodicy : Jacob and the Problem of Evil Larsen, Val 2015 Journal Article 2 15
The Redemption of the Dead : A Latter-day Saint Perspective on the Fate of the Unevangelized Paulsen, David L. 2005 Book Chapter 4 0