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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Paradigms Regained : A Survey of Margaret Barker's Scholarship and Its Significance for Mormon studies Christensen, Kevin 2001 Book 16 33
The Mormon Faith : A New Look at Christianity Millet, Robert L. 1998 Book 12 25
Breaking the Mormon Code : A Critique of Mormon Scholarship Regarding Classical Christian Theology and the Book of Mormon Paulson, Matthew A. 2000 Book 1 0
Mormon Hermeneutics: Five Approaches to the Bible by the LDS Church Krohn, Jeffrey S. 2022 Book 0 141
Collision, Division, Conversation : When Mormon Scholars and Christian Theologians Talk Baker, Jacob T.;Musser, Donald W. 2012 Book Chapter 0 0
C. S. Lewis: Insights on Discipleship Maxwell, Neal A. 1999 Book Chapter 0 1
Poetics of Coexistence : Bloods, Saints and Scribes Robertson, Leslie 1994 Dissertation 0 0
"If You Could Hie to Kolob" : Mormonism and the World Religions Discourse Wiles-Op, Lee E. 2010 Dissertation 0 0