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Doctrines, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Origin, Rise and Progress of Mormonism Tucker, Pomeroy 1867 Book 102 0
Book of Mormon Usage in Early LDS Theology Underwood, Grant 1984 Journal Article 62 19
The Word of Wisdom : From Principle to Requirement Alexander, Thomas G. 1981 Journal Article 33 7
New Witnesses for God Roberts, B. H. 1909 Book 25 15
Joseph Smith, The Prophet-Teacher Roberts, B. H. 1908 Book 15 0
My Kingdom Shall Roll Forth : Readings in Church History The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1979 Book 8 0
The LDS Gospel Topics Series : A Scholarly Engagement Harris, Matthew L.;Bringhurst, Newell G. 2020 Book 5 247
Doctrines of the Restoration: Sermons and Writings of Bruce R. McConkie McConkie, Bruce R;McConkie, Mark L. 1989 Book 5 1
Mormonism : Its History, Doctrines, and Practices Simpson, William Sparrow 1853 Book 4 0
Keywords : Joseph Smith, Language Change, and Theological Innovation, 1829-44 Lindquist, Jason H. 2005 Journal Article 4 20
Mormonism : The Relation of the Church to Christian Sects Roberts, B. H. 1903 Book 3 0
How and What You Worship: Christology and Praxis in the Revelations of Joseph Smith: The 49th Annual Brigham Young University Sidney B. Sperry Symposium Cope, Rachel;Watkins, Jordan T.;Charles, Carter 2020 Book 3 123
Mormon Colonization : A Type in the Westward Movement Dastrup, Ila 1931 Dissertation 3 0
The Passing of the Church : Forty Vairations on an Unpopular Theme Nibley, Hugh W. 1976 Journal Article 2 0
Reformed Christians and Mormon Christians : Let's Talk Keller, Roger R. 1986 Book 2 40
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Mormonism Williams, Drew 2003 Book 2 8
Yet to Be Revealed: Open Questions in Latter-day Saint Theology Givens, Terryl L.;Eliason, Eric A. 2021 Book 2 215
Ancient Texts and Mormonism: Discovering the Roots of the Eternal Gospel in Ancient Israel and the Primitive Church Seaich, Eugene 1995 Book 1 37
Evil Paulsen, David L. 1992 Encyclopedia Article 1 1
Traditional Christian and Mormon Views of God and Their Compatibility with the Moral Theistic Argument: An Exercise in Ramified Natural Theology Pankratz, Loren David 2020 Dissertation 1 15
Precept upon Precept: Joseph Smith and the Restoration of Doctrine Millet, Robert L. 2016 Book 1 130
Relational Faith: The Transformation and Restoration of Pistis as Knowledge, Trust, Confidence, and Covenantal Faithfulness Schmidt, Brent J. 2022 Book 1 17
Accomplishing the Will of the Father: A HIstorical and Theological Examination of Doctrine and Covenants 19 Coombs, Aaron Mark;Sharp, Ryan H. 2021 Journal Article 0 10
Entrenching a Fundamental: Use of the First Vision in General Conference Gardner, Ryan S. 2021 Journal Article 0 7
Free Agency, Determinism, and Chaos Theory Timmins, David B. 1995 Journal Article 0 0
Mormonism, Alice Miller, and Me Whiting, Teresa 1998 Journal Article 0 0
Sexual Purity and Its Discontents in Mormonism Moslener, Sara 2020 Book Chapter 0 2
Mormonism and Sexual Violence Radke-Moss, Andrea G. 2020 Book Chapter 0 10
Mormonism, Gender, and Art in Nineteenth-Century Scandinavia Allen, Julie K. 2020 Book Chapter 0 4
Institutional Gender Negotiations within Irish Mormon Congregations O'Brien, Hazel 2020 Book Chapter 0 20
Theology of Sexuality Petrey, Taylor G. 2020 Book Chapter 0 23
The September Six and the Evolution of Mormon Magisteria Haglund, Kristine L. 2023 Journal Article 0 3
“Show Them unto No Man”: Part 2. The Book of Moses and the Early Jewish Christian Esoteric Tradition Bickmore, Barry Robert 2023 Journal Article 0 10
If Truth Were a Child : Essay Handley, George B. 2019 Book 0 3
God Grants unto All Nations Millet, Robert L. 2020 Journal Article 0 6
Oracles of God: A New Digital Collection of Significant Prophetic Documents Gardner, Ryan S. 2022 Journal Article 0 0
Doctrinal Insights from Joseph Smith’s First Vision Millet, Robert L. 2021 Journal Article 0 11
Teachings of Church Leaders on Christ's Final Seven Statements Hyde, Emily K.;Hilton, John, III;Cutler, Megan 2021 Journal Article 0 4
"I Dreamed of an Alliance of Dogma and Political Liberty": Mormonism and Socialism in France in the Nineteenth Century Euvrard, Christian 2023 Journal Article 0 5
Degrees of Glory: A Brief History of Heaven and Graded Salvation Hansen, Jim 2023 Journal Article 0 10
Correlating Orthodoxy and Style: Institutionally “Approved” Christ-Centered Art in LDS Visual Resources and Meetinghouses, 1990–2021 Carmack, Noel A. 2023 Journal Article 0 29