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Social and cultural history

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An Historical Study of the Institutionalization of Power in a Small Community Christiansen, James W. 1976 Dissertation 0 0
Contribution a l'etude des Saints des Derniers Jours en Belgique : Perspective historique et approche sociologique Delvaux, Alexina 2012 Dissertation 0 0
Life on the Hill : The Black Farming Families of Mill Creek Reiter, Tonya 2018 Journal Article 0 6
Héroes de Chapúltepec : A Place to Procure an Education Wakley, Janelle Morgan;Mera, Ricardo Meza;Gardner, Barbara Morgan 2019 Journal Article 0 7
Staking Claims on the Markagunt Plateau : Creation of Cedar Breaks National Monument, 1916-1934 Topham, Dale 2017 Journal Article 0 6
Mormon-Catholic Relations in Utah History : A Sketch Topping, Gary 2018 Journal Article 0 6
Looking Back, Looking Forward : "Mormonism's Negro Doctrine" Forty-Five Years Later Bush, Lester E., Jr. 2018 Journal Article 0 33
The Preacher, the Labor Leader, the Homosexual, and the Jew : The Template for Achieving Great Goals Burch, Alice Faulkner 2018 Journal Article 0 0
A Balm in Gilead : Reconciling Black Bodies within a Mormon Imagination Graham-Russell, Janan 2018 Journal Article 0 0
When Did You Become Black? Houston, Gail Turley 2018 Journal Article 0 0
The Black Cain in White Garments Jackson, Melodie 2018 Journal Article 0 1
Father-Daughter Interview on Blacks and the Priesthood Prince, Gregory A.;Nzojibwami, Egide;Christensen, Verlyne 2018 Journal Article 0 0
Heretics in Truth : Love, Faith, and Hope as the Foundation for Theology, Community, and Destiny Givens, Terryl L. 2018 Journal Article 0 3
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Reexamining the Radical : Stephen Holbrook and the Utah Strategy for Protesting the Vietnam War Thomas, Scott K. 2018 Journal Article 0 11
The Great War and the Making of a Modern World Proctor, Tammy M. 2018 Journal Article 0 0
History, Nature, and Mormon Historiography Rogers, Jedediah Smart 2019 Book Chapter 0 44
The Historians' Corner Garr, Arnold K. 2002 Journal Article 0 0
Pioneer Day of Mormons, Retooled For Saloon Dobner, Jennifer 2014 Journal Article 0 0
William Hope Harvey and the Ogden Mardi Gras Holley, Val 2014 Journal Article 0 5
Remember Me : Discursive Needlework and the Sewing Sampler of Patty Bartlett Sessions Dearing, Stacey 2018 Journal Article 0 5
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Theory and Interpretation in Mormon Studies Bushman, Richard L. 2016 Book Chapter 0 7
A case study of the impact of filmmaker decisions in the construction of a documentary : Helen Whitney's (2007) The Mormons Mott, Elizabeth 2010 Dissertation 0 0
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Jack Mormon Morse, Joshua Evans 2001 Dissertation 0 0
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Reclaiming a Sacred Domain : An Ethnographic Study of Mormon Women Overcoming the Media-supported Message of Acceptable Birth Practice Through Giving Birth at Home Witt, Celeste Elain 2000 Dissertation 0 0
Church involvement of Mormon students and academic success Thompson, Tobi Shawn 2007 Dissertation 0 0
The Skeleton in Grandpa's Barn : And Other Stories of Growing Up in Utah Layton, Stanford J. 2008 Book 0 0
Dead Wood and Rushing Water : Essays on Mormon Faith, Culture, and Family Petersen, Boyd 2013 Book 0 0
A mother feathering her nest : expressive meaning in the nesting experiences of Mormon women Jones, Nancy Steele 2011 Dissertation 0 0
The Influence of Religiosity in the Construction of Meaning from Advertising Messages Intended to Promote Lifestyle Values Billing, Lillian 1999 Dissertation 0 0
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