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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
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Glory Is A-comin' Soon' : A History of Mormonism in Indiana Taysom, Martha Peterson 1998 Book 1 34
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Recent American Novels and Their Image of the Mormons in Early Utah Smith, Melvin T. 1960 Dissertation 0 0
Mormons as Objects of Attitudes : What Non-Mormons Think Sandall, George Nohl 1979 Dissertation 0 0
A Brief History of the Mormon Smile Lofton, Kathryn 2023 Journal Article 0 13
Mormonism, Gender, and Art Campbell, Mary 2020 Book Chapter 0 15
Public Image Cannon, Donald Q.;Garr, Arnold K.;Cowan, Richard O. 2000 Encyclopedia Article 0 0
Mormoni a jejich cesta k denominaci : Vy?voj od spolec?enske?ho zavrz?eni? k uzna?ni? [Mormons Become a Denomination. The Development from Societal Repudiation to Respectability] Vojti?s?ek, Zdene?k 2002 Journal Article 0 0
Mormonism's Contested Identity Reeve, W. Paul;Parshall, Ardis E.;Haws, J. B. 2010 Encyclopedia Article 0 0
An Analysis of the Newspaper Coverage of Latter-day Saint Temples Announced or Built Within the United States from October 1997 through December 2004 Gurr, Kevan L. 2005 Dissertation 0 0
Polygamy, Prop 8, and the Peculiar People : Sexuality in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Wertman, Ann 2014 Dissertation 0 0
Field Notes : Teaching about the West and Water in China Montoya, María E. 2015 Journal Article 0 0
"I am a Mormon" campaign : video analysis Cummins, Kristina Lorraine 2011 Dissertation 0 0
The Mormon culture of community and recruitment Grava, Tofani 2011 Dissertation 0 0
Troublesome Children: Mormon Families, Race, and United States Westward Expansion, 1848-1893 Mayer, Eve Elizabeth Hill 2013 Dissertation 0 0
Themes in and Comparison of Selected Newspaper Coverage of the Mormon Conflict in Missouri, 1831-1839 Brown, Vicki K. 2014 Dissertation 0 0
The "American" Family : Mormon Polygamy, Public Opinion, and Changing Family Structures Nussbaum, Stephanie E 2015 Dissertation 0 0
Movie Mormons : Images of Latter-day Saints in Film Smith, Melissa Ann 2002 Dissertation 0 0
The Attraction of Mormonism Top, Brent L. 2011 Book 0 14
The Correct [Domain] Name of the Church: Technology, Naming, and Legitimacy in the Latter-day Saint Tradition Greenhalgh, Spencer P. 2023 Journal Article 0 8