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Biographies, male, 19th-20th centuries (unpublished)

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Reed Smoot, Apostle in Politics Merrill, Milton R. 1950 Dissertation 14 0
The Life of Thomas Kearns Larsen, Kent Sheldon 1964 Dissertation 10 0
The Life of Brigadier General Richard W. Young Murray, Louis Paul 1959 Dissertation 6 0
The Life of Edward James Wood, Church Patriot Tagg, Melvin S. 1959 Dissertation 6 0
Simon Bamberger, A Jew in a Mormon Commonwealth Morn, Frank Thomas 1966 Dissertation 6 0
A Biography of George Albert Smith, 1870 to 1951 Stubbs, Glen R. 1974 Dissertation 5 0
George Edward Percy Careless, His Contributions to the Musical Culture of Utah and the Significance of His Life and Works Putnam, Howard Hoggan 1957 Dissertation 4 0
The Life and Works of Charles John Thomas : His Contribution to the Music History of Utah Purdy, William E. 1949 Dissertation 4 0
A Biographical History of Mahonri M. Young, A Western American Artist Hinton, Wayne K. 1974 Dissertation 3 0
Joseph L. Rawlins : Father of Utah's Statehood Harrow, Joan Ray 1973 Dissertation 3 0
Reed Smoot, Senator from Utah Smith, Maude E. 1934 Dissertation 3 0
Anthony C. Lund, Musician, with Special Reference to his Teaching and Choral Directing Roberts, Benjamin Mark 1952 Dissertation 2 0
John J. McClellan, Tabernacle Organist Compton, Annie Rosella 1951 Dissertation 2 0
Joseph J. Daynes, First Tabernacle Organist : His Contributions to the Musical Culture of Utah and the Significance of His Life and Works Overson, Marion Peter 1954 Dissertation 2 0
The Life and Art of James Taylor Harwood South, William R. 1986 Dissertation 2 0
The Life and Contributions of Evan Stephens Johnson, Dale A. 1952 Dissertation 2 0
Orson F. Whitney, Mormon Writer Thomson, Woodruff Christian 1949 Dissertation 2 0
Parley P. Christensen, a Political Biography, 1869-1954 Sillito, John R. 1977 Dissertation 2 0
Adam Samuel Bennion, Educator, Businessman, and Apostle Braithwaite, John Andrew 1965 Dissertation 1 0
Arnold Friberg, Artist : His Life, His Philosophy and His Works Andersen, Velan Max 1970 Dissertation 1 0
Brigham Cecil Gates : Composer, Director, Teacher of Music Smith, Lyneer Charles 1952 Dissertation 1 2
From Babylon to Zion : The Life of William McLachlan, a British Convert to the Mormon Church McLachlan, Winifred Morse 1986 Dissertation 1 0
In Memorium, Dr. William J. Snow Utah State Historical Society 1947 Journal Article 1 0
John Mills Whitaker : Diarist, Educator, Churchman Pedersen, Lyman C., Jr. 1960 Dissertation 1 0
The Life and Accomplishments of Lisle Bradford Stewart, Marilyn 1957 Dissertation 1 0
Mahonri Mackintosh Young, Printmaker Yonemori, Shirley Kazuko 1963 Dissertation 1 0
Mahonri Young : His Life and Sculpture Toone, Thomas E. 1982 Dissertation 1 0
A Political Biography of George Henry Dern Wells, Robert W., Jr. 1971 Dissertation 1 10
John Nock Hinton : The Reconstructed Life of an English Born Mormon Convert of Virgin City, Utah Meeks, Lenora Atkin 1987 Dissertation 0 0
Later Leaves of the Life of Lorenzo Snow, President of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Whitney, Orson F. 1890 Report 0 0
The Life and Educational Contributions of James Edward Talmage Wilson, Grant Larsen 1958 Dissertation 0 0
The Life and Educational Contributions of John Andreas Widtsoe Parkinson, Raymond Bramwell 1955 Dissertation 0 0
The Life, Philosophy and Educational Contributions of Milton Bennion Beckstead, Reed Holt 1954 Dissertation 0 0
Reed Smoot : 'Utah's Most Distinguished Native Citizen'; Thomas Jefferson : A Study of an Opportunist in Practice Waldron, Carolyn Jean 1968 Dissertation 0 0