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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
The Smiths and Their Dreams and Visions Groesbeck, C. Jess 1988 Journal Article 12 0
A Currency of Faith : Taking Stock in Utah County's Dream Mine Cantera, Kevin E. 2011 Book Chapter 4 0
"Behold An Angel of the Lord Came and Stood Before Me" : A Cultural Examination of Joseph Smith's 1823 Vision of Moroni Hock, Adam P 2012 Dissertation 1 0
Dreams as Revelation Alford, Kenneth L.;Manscill, Craig K.;Woodger, Mary Jane Book 0 58
"Yes, we are a visionary house" : The Restoration of Revelation and Dreams by Joseph Smith Woodger, Mary Jane 2009 Journal Article 0 0
Quiet Slumber : Revelation through Dreams Jenkins, Ryan C. 2011 Journal Article 0 3
Incentive for a Fresh Start : Rhetorical Analysis of the Tree of Life in I Nephi Goheen, Katherine 2012 Journal Article 0 0
Salem's Dream Mine : Its Evolution & Persistence Hanks, Ted L. 2012 Book 0 0
Dream Mining Papanikolas, Zeese Book Chapter 0 0
Relief Mine II : Through Other's Eyes Bona, Monte;Young, Jesse;Wood, Lyman S.;Weight, C. F.;Taylor, Samuel W.;Kraut, Ogden;Grant, Carter E.;Christensen, Diane Butler;Brockbank, Edna G.;Christianson, James R. 1998 Book 0 0
Voices and Visions in Early Nineteenth-Century America and the Book of Mormon Kassenbrock, Brian;Blankenagel, Bryce 2022 Journal Article 0 13
The Hidden Records of Central Utah and the Struggle for Religious Authority Smith, Christopher C. 2020 Book Chapter 0 11