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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
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"Archives of the Better World": The Nineteenth-Century Historian's Office and Mormonism's Archival Flexibility Jensen, Robin Scott 2019 Dissertation 4 125
Doves and Serpents : The Activities of Leonard Arrington as Church Historian 1972-1982 Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1982 Book 4 0
"All the Truth Does Not Always Need to Be Told" : The LDS Church, Mormon History, and Religious Authority Turner, John G. 2016 Book Chapter 4 0
We'll Find the Place : Situating Mormon Studies Harris, Kristine Haglund 2014 Journal Article 3 0
Historical Landscape of the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial Boatright, Gary L., Jr. 2010 Journal Article 3 3
Conversations with Mormon Historians Baugh, Alexander L.;Neilson, Reid L. 2015 Book 2 0
Mormonisms : A Documentary History, 1844-1860 Blythe, Christopher James;Blythe, Christine Elyse 2014 Book 2 0
Historical Theology and Theological History : Mormon Possibilities Gaustad, Edwin S. 1984 Journal Article 2 3
The Heart of Mormonism Evans, John Henry 1935 Book 2 1
Mormonism 101 : Examining the Religion of the Latter-day Saints McKeever, Bill 2015 Book 1 26
Learning About Ourselves Through Church History Arrington, Leonard J. 1979 Journal Article 1 0
The Search for Truth and Meaning in Mormon History Arrington, Leonard J. 1992 Book Chapter 1 2
Writing Mormon History Johnson, Melvin C. 2020 Book Chapter 1 3
Behold, There Shall Be a Record Kept Among You : Collections of the Church History Library of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Turley, Richard E., Jr. 2009 Book 1 9
Néstor Curbelo: The Latin American Andrew Jenson Grover, Mark L. 2022 Journal Article 1 7
Repicturing the Restoration: New Art to Expand Our Understanding Sweat, Anthony 2020 Book 1 76
The Office of Church Recorder: A Conversation with Elder Steven E. Snow Erekson, Keith A. 2019 Journal Article 0 34
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The Evolution of the State of Deseret Bovos, Louis Harry 1971 Dissertation 0 0
Observing the Observer Giles, Florence H. 2001 Journal Article 0 0
The Restoration Movement and the Latter Day Saints Phillips, Arthur B. 1928 Book 0 0
Church History from the International Periphery: The South American Perspective Grover, Mark L. 2022 Journal Article 0 28
The Relevance of Church History Heiss, Matthew K. 2005 Journal Article 0 0
Joseph Smith and Early Mormon Ideology in its Historical Context Murdock, Daniel Joseph 2004 Dissertation 0 0
Mormon Polygamy : To Find the Truth Howarth, Kylie 2004 Dissertation 0 0
A Study of Evidences Related to LDS Church History as Reflected in Volumes I Through XIII of the Journal of Discourses Richards, Paul C. 1972 Dissertation 0 5
"To Keep the Church Record and History": The Evolution of the Church Historian's Office Nimer, Cory 2022 Journal Article 0 23
Adventures of Mormon History Girl Metcalfe, Erin B. 2016 Journal Article 0 0
Quitting Tea and Coffee : Marketing Alternative Hot Drinks to Mormons Bashore, Melvin L. 2016 Journal Article 0 0
Challenges and Solutions for Global Mormon History Rutherford, Taunalyn 2022 Journal Article 0 2
Looking for Global Mormonism Kline, Caroline;Bowman, Matthew 2022 Journal Article 0 11
The Challenges of Global Church History for Those outside the United States of America Perry, James 2022 Journal Article 0 8
And Moses Wrote : The Centrality of the Book of Moses to the Understanding of the Rise of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Its Separation from Protestant Christianity (1805-1880) Pearlman, Zlil 2013 Dissertation 0 0
Taking Mormon History into All the World Smith, D. Brent 2016 Journal Article 0 13