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Mormon Studies (academic discipline)

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On Writing Church History : Personal Reflections on Writing, Publishing, and Republishing The Story of the Latter-day Saints Allen, James B. 2015 Journal Article 2 6
Mormon Studies in a European Setting Davies, Douglas J. 2001 Journal Article 2 4
Mormon Studies in the Academy : A Conversation between Ann Taves and Spencer Fluhman Fluhman, J. Spencer 2014 Journal Article 1 0
In Defense of Methological Pluralism : Theology, Apologetics, and the Critical Study of Mormonism Birch, Brian D. 2014 Journal Article 1 10
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Introduction : What Went Wrong for the Early Christians? Reynolds, Noel B. 2005 Book Chapter 1 0
The Politics of Mormon History Mason, Patrick Q. 2020 Journal Article 1 13
Engaging Students in the Church's Foyer Peck, Elbert 1988 Journal Article 1 0
Scholarship and the Book of Mormon Thomas, Mark D. 1990 Book Chapter 1 0
Legal Scholarship and Membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints : Have They Buried Both an Honest Man and a Law Professor in the Same Grave? Young, Michael K. 2003 Book 1 0
Orson Scott Card's 'Artifact or Artifice' : Where It Stands After Twenty-five Years Lindsay, Jeff 2018 Journal Article 1 30
Mormon Studies as an Academic Discipline Whittaker, David J. 2015 Book Chapter 1 37
Mormon Letters Austin, Michael 2015 Book Chapter 1 6
The Bible and the Book of Mormon : A Review of Literature Frederick, Nicholas J. 2019 Journal Article 1 46
Mormons and the Beast : In Defense of the Personal Essay Jolley, Clifton H. 1978 Journal Article 1 0
A Book of Mormon Studies Prospective Spencer, Joseph M.;Wright, Mark Alan;Hauglid, Brian M.;Johnson, Janiece 2016 Journal Article 1 0
Mormon Studies and Method : The Rigors of the Academic Study of Religion and the Maturity of Mormon Studies Taysom, Stephen C. 2014 Journal Article 1 2
A Retrospective on the Scholarship of Richard Bushman Kelly, Catherine;Underwood, Grant;Maffly-Kipp, Laurie F.;Wood, Gordon S.;Stout, Harry S. 2011 Journal Article 1 1
Mormonism's Remarkable History : A Conversation with Max H. Parkin Baugh, Alexander L.;Parkin, Max H. 2011 Journal Article 1 0
Joseph Smith's Chronicler : An Interview with Dean C. Jessee Jessee, Dean C.;Jensen, Robin Scott 2012 Journal Article 1 0
Hopeful Odyssey : Nels Anderson : Boy Hobo, Wartime Diarist, Public Servant, Expatriate Sociologist Peterson, Charles S. 2014 Book Chapter 1 0
Mormon Scholars and Mormon Families in Family Studies : A Brief Retrospective Kelley, Heather Howell;Marks, Loren D.;Dollahite, David C. 2017 Journal Article 1 26
Stephen H. Webb (1961-2016) : Universal Scholar and Personal Friend Gaskill, Alonzo L. 2016 Journal Article 1 4
UVU Mormon Studies Conference : Mormon Blogs, Mormon Studies, and the Mormon Mind Mason, Patrick Q. 2012 Journal Article 1 0
What They Learned from the Mormons Maffly-Kipp, Laurie F. 2015 Journal Article 1 0
The Graduate Mormon Studies Classroom Mason, Patrick Q. 2015 Journal Article 1 0
The Saints and the Scrolls : LDS Engagement with Mainstream Dead Sea Scrolls Scholarship and Its Implications Mason, Eric F. 2013 Book Chapter 1 0
Between Scylla and Charybdis : Championing Mormon Studies at Utah Valley State College Birch, Brian D. 2002 Journal Article 1 0
Proposing an Academic Name for the Movement Shields, Steven L. 2012 Journal Article 1 0
Fashioning a Newer Mormon History Fluhman, J. Spencer 2009 Journal Article 1 8
Mormon Cultural Studies Tait, Lisa Olsen 2009 Journal Article 1 4
Post New Mormon History : A Manifesto Reeve, W. Paul 2009 Journal Article 1 6
History that Reveals Itself Polk, Patrick A. 2009 Journal Article 1 6
Performing Mormon History Jones, Megan Sanborn 2009 Journal Article 1 3
Restorationist Studies : The Future of the New Mormon History Howlett, David J. 2009 Journal Article 1 1
Getting Around the Dichotomy Squared Erekson, Keith A. 2009 Journal Article 1 3
The Refiner's Fire: Rites of Scholarly Passage Morrill, Susanna 2015 Journal Article 1 2
Camelot's Crucible : The Historiographic Context for Refiner's Fire Park, Benjamin E. 2015 Journal Article 1 20
Heritage and History: A Personal Essay Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher 2015 Journal Article 1 8
'This is a New Day' : A Look Back in Anticipation of the Future in Writing Mormon History Bennett, Richard E. 2015 Journal Article 1 4
After the Golden Age Bushman, Richard L. 2015 Journal Article 1 1
The M.I.A. Preserves History Giles, John D. 1935 Journal Article 1 0
"If You Could Hie to Kolob" : Mormonism and the World Religions Discourse Wiles-Op, Lee E. 2010 Dissertation 0 0
The Emergence Of Mormon Studies In The Social Sciences Mauss, Armand L. 2007 Book Chapter 0 0
Finding the Presence in Mormon History : An Interview with Susanna Morrill, Richard Lyman Bushman, and Robert Orsi Morrill, Susanna 2011 Journal Article 0 0
Mormon Studies in a European Setting Davies, Douglas J.;Taysom, Stephen C. 2011 Book Chapter 0 0
Introduction : What Constrains Our Understanding of the Past? Hall, David D. 2017 Book Chapter 0 0
"We Gain Knowledge No Faster Than We Are Saved" : The Epistemic Dimension of Character Barlow, Philip L. 2017 Book Chapter 0 0
The Poetics of Prejudice Givens, Terryl L. 2017 Book Chapter 0 0
Truth, Community, and Prophetic Authority Properzi, Mauro 2017 Book Chapter 0 0