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Women's history, historiography

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The “New Woman” and the Woman’s Exponent : An Editorial Perspective Madsen, Carol Cornwall 2020 Journal Article 2 18
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A Harmony of Voices : Negotiating Latter-day Saint Unity on Women’s Suffrage Clark, Rebekah Ryan 2020 Journal Article 1 19
A Treasure Trove of Research Resources about Historical Latter-day Saint Women Lamb, Connie 2020 Journal Article 1 4
The Fire of Civic Endeavor : Utah Suffrage after Statehood, 1896–1920 Clark, Rebekah Ryan 2020 Journal Article 1 1
First to Vote : Commemorating Utah's Suffragists Kitterman, Katherine 2020 Journal Article 1 8
Women and the Transcontinental Railroad Through Utah, 1868–1869 Johnson, Wendy Simmons 2020 Journal Article 1 6
Finding the Joy in Labor in the Salt Lake City School District Giraud, Elizabeth Egleston 2020 Journal Article 1 1
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Women’s Lived Experience as Authority : Antenarratives and Interactional Power as Tools for Engagement Petersen, Emily January 2020 Journal Article 1 7
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Shifting the Plot : Possibilities in Mormon Women's History Cope, Rachel 2012 Journal Article 1 0
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"True to My Own Convictions" : A Conversation with Carol Cornwall Madsen Bench, Sheree Maxwell 2008 Journal Article 1 0
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Introduction : A Brief Biography of Juanita Brooks Alder, Douglas D. 2014 Book Chapter 0 0