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Lewis, C. S.

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
The Christian Commitment: C.S. Lewis and the Defense of Doctrine Kimball, William Clayton 1972 Journal Article 3 0
The Last Battle : C. S. Lewis and Mormonism Stephenson, Evan 1997 Journal Article 1 18
The Theology of C. S. Lewis : A Latter-day Saint Perspective Millet, Robert L. 2020 Journal Article 1 2
"All Find What They Truly Seek" : C. S. Lewis, Latter-day Saints, and the Virtuous Unbeliever Hodges, Blair D. 2010 Journal Article 1 8
An analysis of the extent to which the Mormon doctrine of exaltation can be found in the teachings of the early Christian church, Eastern Orthodoxy, and C.S. Lewis Skillman, Daniel Robert 2005 Dissertation 0 0
Of Dragons, Palaces, and Gods : A Mormon Perspective on C.S. Lewis Garrett, Christopher E. 2001 Dissertation 0 0
'We Shall Be Like Him' : Explorations into the LDS Doctrine of Deification Baker, Jacob T.;Millet, Robert L. 2012 Book Chapter 0 0
Going to Hell C. S. Lewis Style: His Views on Sin, Temptation, and the Devil Skinner, Andrew C. 1999 Book Chapter 0 1
God's Megaphone to a Deaf World: C. S. Lewis's Personal Sojourn to Understanding the Problem of Pain Top, Brent L. 1999 Book Chapter 0 1
C. S. Lewis: Self Love and Salvation Judd, Daniel K. 1999 Book Chapter 0 1
C. S. Lewis: Insights on Discipleship Maxwell, Neal A. 1999 Book Chapter 0 1
C. S. Lewis on Family and Self-Deception Olson, Terrance D. 1999 Book Chapter 0 0
C. S. Lewis on the Transformation of Human Nature Millet, Robert L. 1999 Book Chapter 0 1