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Smith, Joseph, Jr., revelations

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Essentials in Church History Smith, Joseph Fielding 1922 Book 138 21
The Joseph Smith Papers : Revelations and Translations, Volume 2 : Published Revelations Jessee, Dean C.;Bushman, Richard L.;Esplin, Ronald K. 2009 Book 76 0
A Book of Commandments for the Government of the Church of Christ Smith, Joseph, Jr. 1833 Book 52 0
Joseph Smith Jr. : Reappraisals After Two Centuries Givens, Terryl L.;Neilson, Reid L. 2009 Book 31 105
Revelation, Text, and Revision : Insight from the Book of Commandments and Revelations Underwood, Grant 2009 Journal Article 11 6
Feeding the Flock : The Foundations of Mormon Thought : Church and Praxis Givens, Terryl L. 2017 Book 10 161
Early Mormon Priesthood Revelations : Text, Impact, and Evolution Smit, William V. 2013 Journal Article 10 30
Joseph Smith and the Bible Jackson, Kent P. 2010 Journal Article 9 0
"Securing" the Prophet's Copyright in the Book of Mormon : Historical and Legal Context for the So-called Canadian Copyright Revelation Ehat, Stephen Kent 2011 Journal Article 6 17
Joseph Smith and His Visions Bushman, Richard L. 2015 Book Chapter 6 16
1838 : Joseph Smith in Northern Missouri Jackson, Kent P.;Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel;Baugh, Alexander L. 2010 Book Chapter 6 0
The Dictation, Compilation, and Canonization of Joseph Smith's Revelations Underwood, Grant 2018 Book Chapter 5 0
The Joseph Smith Papers, Documents, Vol. 12: March 1843 - July 1843 Godfrey, Matthew C.;Smith, R. Eric 2021 Book 5 121
"Things Which are Abroad": Latter-day Saints and Foreign Affairs Moran, Patrick 2022 Journal Article 4 11
On Doctrine and Covenants Language and the 1833 Plot of Zion Carmack, Stanford 2017 Journal Article 4 18
The Book of Mormon, the Early Nineteenth-Century Debates over Universalism, and the Development of the Novel Mormon Doctrines of Ultimate Rewards and Punishments Ford, Clyde D. 2014 Journal Article 4 15
Now That We Have the Words of Joseph Smith, How Shall We Begin to Understand Them? Illustrations of Selected Challenges within the 21 May 1843 Discourse on 2 Peter 1 Bradshaw, Jeffrey M. 2016 Journal Article 4 58
The Little, Narrow Prison of Language : The Rhetoric of Revelation Bushman, Richard L. 2000 Journal Article 4 3
How Firm a Foundation! What Makes It So? Nibley, Hugh W. 1979 Journal Article 3 2
"Dictated by Christ" : Joseph Smith and the Politics of Revelation Harper, Steven C. 2006 Journal Article 3 51
"Idle and Slothful Strange Stories" : Book of Mormon Origins and the Historical Record Rappleye, Neal 2016 Journal Article 3 41
The Joseph Smith Translation : A Primary Source for the Doctrine and Covenants Matthews, Robert J. 1984 Book Chapter 3 0
Changing Revelatory Messages : A Mormon Example Marquardt, H. Michael 2013 Journal Article 2 19
Sacralizing the Secular in Latter-day Saint Salvation Histories Wilcox, Miranda 2020 Journal Article 2 30
Reassessing Joseph Smith's "Appointed Time for the Redemption of Zion" Romig, Ronald E.;Riggs, Michael S.;Spencer, Thomas M. 2010 Book Chapter 2 0
1833 : Expulsion from Zion Jackson, Kent P.;Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel;Underwood, Grant 2010 Book Chapter 2 0
1844 : The Prophet's Final Charge to the Twelve Jackson, Kent P.;Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel 2010 Book Chapter 2 0
The Word of Wisdom in Contemporary American Mormonism : Perceptions and Practice Knoll, Benjamin;Ferguson, John E., III;Riess, Jana K. Journal Article 2 12
The Lord's Supper in Early Mormonism Bray, Justin R. 2012 Book Chapter 2 0
Protective and Learning Images in Latter Day Saint Revelation Howard, Richard P. 1986 Journal Article 2 3
Precious Truths Restored : Joseph Smith Translation Changes Not Included in Our Bible Marsh, W. Jeffrey;Sherry, Thomas E. 2004 Journal Article 2 11
Revelation, Hierarchy, and Dialogue : A Response to Todd Compton Stannard, Matthew 1991 Journal Article 1 2
Joseph Smith among the Prophets Tate, Charles D., Jr.;Black, Susan Easton;Millet, Robert L. 1993 Book Chapter 1 9
Paradise Lost and the Creation of Mormon Theology Rogers, John 2018 Book 1 5
How Did Joseph Smith Become a Seer? Insights from the John Alger First Vision Account Bradley, Don 2021 Journal Article 1 5