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Book of Mormon, textual criticism

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
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The Case of the {-th} Plural in the Earliest Text Carmack, Stanford 2016 Journal Article 4 2
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The Journey of the Hero : Archetypes of Earthly Adventure and Spiritual Passage in 1 Nephi Harris, Tod R. 1997 Journal Article 2 6
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Ancient Texts in Support of the Book of Mormon Tvedtnes, John A. 2002 Book Chapter 2 0
'Written in the Style of Antiquity' : Pseudo-Biblicism and the Early American Republic, 1770–1830 Shalev, Eran 2010 Journal Article 2 0
Kingship, Democracy, and the Message of the Book of Mormon Dundas, Gregory Steven 2017 Journal Article 2 11
A Selective Bibliography of Book of Mormon Literary Features Hanson, Scot;McKinlay, Daniel B. 2007 Journal Article 2 45
Conjectural Emendation and the Text of the Book of Mormon Larson, Stan 1978 Journal Article 2 2
A Short Addition to Length : Some Relative Frequencies of Circumstantial Structures Stubbs, Brian D. 1997 Journal Article 2 0
Insights Available as We Approach the Original Text Muhlestein, Kerry 2006 Journal Article 2 0
The Book of Mormon Critical Text Project Givens, Terryl L. 2006 Journal Article 2 2
The Hebrew Text of Alma 7 : 11 Wayment, Thomas A. 2005 Journal Article 6 1
Textual Criticism and the Book of Mormon Hardy, Grant R. 2018 Book Chapter 2 0
Elvis Has Left the Library : Identifying Forged Annotations in a Book of Mormon Erekson, Keith A. 2018 Journal Article 4 0
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A Hermeneutic of Sacred Texts: Historicism, Revisionism, Positivism, and the Bible and Book of Mormon Goff, Alan 1989 Dissertation 2 74
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Messengers of the Covenant: Mormon’s Doctrinal Use of Malachi 3:1 in Moroni 7:29–32 Bowen, Matthew L. 2019 Journal Article 1 5
The Pleading Bar of God Skousen, Royal 2021 Journal Article 1 0
What's in a word? : Pairs and Merisms in 3 Nephi Hallen, Cynthia Leah;Sorenson, Josh 2004 Journal Article 1 1
What's in a Word? The Language of the Scriptures Hallen, Cynthia Leah 2003 Journal Article 1 0
New Light : The Book of Mormon as a Written (Literary) Artifact Hardy, Grant R. 2003 Journal Article 1 2
Scholarship and the Book of Mormon Thomas, Mark D. 1990 Book Chapter 1 0
The Death of Laban: A Literary Interpretation Olsen, Steven L. 2009 Journal Article 1 9
Biblical Criticism, the Book of Mormon, and the Meanings of Civilization Bowman, Matthew 2021 Journal Article 1 13
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Abridging the Records of the Zoramite Mission: Mormon as Historian Olsen, Steven L. 2022 Journal Article 0 1
A Book of Mormon Bibliography for 2016 2017 Journal Article 0 79
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The Prophets Who Wrote the Book of Omni Jones, Clifford P. 2020 Journal Article 0 8
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Scholarship for the Ages Hardy, Grant R. 2006 Journal Article 0 2
Joseph Smith and the Text of the Book of Mormon Matthews, Robert J. 2006 Journal Article 0 2
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More Light on Who Wrote the Title Page Williams, Clyde J. 2001 Journal Article 0 3
What's in a Word? Hallen, Cynthia Leah 2001 Journal Article 0 0
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