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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Louis A. Bertrand's voyage from Icarianism to Mormonism : French romantic socialism and Mormon communalism in the nineteenth century Freeman, Erik J. 2013 Dissertation 0 0
The Mormons in Nazi Germany : History and Memory Nelson, David Conley;Krammer, Arnold 2013 Dissertation 0 0
Seeing Red from the Pulpit : Shifting Perceptions of Mormons and Pentecostals in American Society During the First Red Scare, 1919-1921 Vickerson, Daniel Joseph 2014 Dissertation 0 0
Saints and Socialism Ray, Kathlin L. 1986 Journal Article 0 0
Do Mormonism and the Former German Democratic Republic Have Anything in Common? An Examination of Marx's Concept of the Asiatic Mode of Production Baer, Hans Albert 1996 Journal Article 0 0
Socialismo Y Ritos Disidentes En El Siglo XIX [Socialism and dissenting rites in the 19th century] Illades, Carlos 2000 Journal Article 0 0
"Our Political Faith is Socialism, Our Religious Faith is the Latter-day Saints" : Socialist Mormons and Their Millennial Vision in the Early Twentieth Century Sillito, John R.;McCormick, John S. 2002 Book Chapter 1 16
Socialism and Utah Labor : 1900-1920 Sillito, John R.;McCormick, John S. 1983 Journal Article 1 0
National Socialists and Social Idealists : The RLDS Church in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945 Madison, R. Ben 1996 Journal Article 2 4
No Grounds for Conversation : The Regional Construction of Fundamental Difference between Mormonism and Socialism Yorgason, Ethan Robert 2002 Journal Article 4 0
History of Utah Radicalism : Startling, Socialistic, and Decidedly Revolutionary Sillito, John R.;McCormick, John S. 2011 Book 5 0
The 1966 BYU Student Spy Ring Bergera, Gary James 2011 Journal Article 6 8
In Defense of Capitalism : Church Leaders on Property, Wealth, and Economic Order Bryson, Phillip J. 1999 Journal Article 6 1