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Early Mormon Documents : Volume I Vogel, Dan 1996 Book 117 0
Early Mormon Documents : Volume II Vogel, Dan 1998 Book 65 0
Early Mormon Documents : Volume V Vogel, Dan 2003 Book 50 0
Early Mormon Documents : Volume IV Vogel, Dan 2002 Book 49 0
Early Mormon Documents : Volume III Vogel, Dan 2000 Book 45 0
The Mormon Church on Trial : Transcripts of the Reed Smoot Hearings Paulos, Michael H. 2008 Book 24 0
The William E. McLellin Papers, 1854-1880 Larson, Stan;McLellin, William E.;Passey, Samuel J. 2007 Book 22 0
Nauvoo : Early Mormon Records Series, Vol. 1 Platt, Lyman D. 1980 Book 18 0
The John Taylor Papers : Records of the Last Utah Pioneer Taylor, Samuel W.;Taylor, Raymond W. 1984 Book 11 0
On the Trail of the Twentieth-Century Mormon Outmigration Johnson, G. Wesley;Johnson, Marian Ashby 2007 Journal Article 10 16
The Archive of Restoration Culture, 1997-2002 Bushman, Richard L. 2006 Journal Article 9 0
Missouri Mormon Manuscripts : Sources in Selected Societies Kimball, Stanley B. 1974 Journal Article 8 3
Old Testament Manuscript 3 : An Early Transcript of the Book of Moses Jackson, Kent P.;Faulring, Scott H. 2004 Journal Article 7 9
A Guide for Collectors of Folklore in Utah Brunvand, Jan Harold 1971 Book 6 0
"I Roll the Burthen and Responsibility of Leading This Church Off from My Shoulders on to Yours" : The 1844/1845 Declaration of the Quorum of the Twelve Regarding Apostolic Succession Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel;Baugh, Alexander L. 2010 Journal Article 6 29
Old Mormon Nauvoo and Southeastern Iowa Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel;Cottle, T. Jeffery 1991 Book 6 232
Egyptian Papyri and the Book of Abraham : A Faithful, Egyptological Point of View Muhlestein, Kerry 2011 Book 6 0
Mormons in the Pacific : A Bibliography Clement, Russell T. 1981 Book 5 0
Platte River Road Narratives Mattes, Merrill J. 1988 Book 5 0
Edwin Rushton as the Source of the White Horse Prophecy Penrod, Don L. 2010 Journal Article 5 8
Mormon Folklore : A Cut from the Marrow of Everyday Experience Wilson, William A. 1993 Journal Article 5 34
Mormonism and the Japanese : A Guide to the Sources Gessel, Van C.;Neilson, Reid L. 2008 Book Chapter 4 0
Sources for the Study of Joseph Smith Jessee, Dean C.;Whittaker, David J. 1995 Book Chapter 4 0
Mormon Pioneer Companies Crossing the Plains (1847-1869) Narratives : Guide to Sources in Utah Libraries and Archives Bashore, Melvin L.;Haslam, Linda H. 1989 Book 3 0
1842 Hancock County Tax Records Platt, Lyman D. 1990 Journal Article 3 0
Problems with Mountain Meadows Massacre Sources Turley, Richard E., Jr. 2008 Journal Article 3 10
New Data for Revising the Missouri 'Documentary History' Anderson, Richard Lloyd 1974 Journal Article 2 7
Understanding Joseph : A Review of Published Documentary Sources Peterson, Paul H.;Tate, Charles D., Jr.;Black, Susan Easton 1993 Book Chapter 2 0
From the Rumors to the Records : Historians and the Sources for Brigham Young Esplin, Ronald K. 1978 Journal Article 2 5
A History of the Public Library Movement in Utah Evans, Max J. 1971 Dissertation 2 0
Search for Sources for Wilford Woodruff's Idaho "Wagon Box Prophecy," 1884 Fritzen, Mary Jane 2010 Journal Article 2 4
Images of the West : Elements of the Mormon Landscape Jackson, Richard H. 1976 Report 2 0
Sources on the History of the Mormons in Ohio : 1830-1838 Kimball, Stanley B. 1971 Journal Article 2 11
Early Church Documents in England Kimball, Stanley B. 1958 Journal Article 2 0
Library Resources for the Study of Mormons and Mormonism Nash, William V. 1960 Report 2 0
The History of the Early Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Preston, Lancashire, England Smart, Paul F. 1989 Dissertation 2 24
The Life of Brigham Young : A Biography Which Will Not Be Written Taylor, Philip A. M. 1966 Journal Article 2 8
What's New in Latter-day Saint Church History? : Recent Developments in the Family and Church History Department Turley, Richard E., Jr. 2002 Journal Article 2 16
The Andrew Jenson Collection Turley, Richard E., Jr.;Walker, Ronald W. 2008 Journal Article 2 25
The Performing Arts and Mormonism : An Introductory Guide Whittaker, David J.;Hicks, Michael D. 1995 Book Chapter 2 0
Mormon Missions and Missionaries : A Bibliographic Guide to Published and Manuscript Sources Whittaker, David J.;McClellan, Chris 1993 Report 2 0
Resources for the Study of Science, Technology, and Mormon Culture Haglund, Richard F., Jr.;Paul, Erich Robert;Whittaker, David J. 1995 Book Chapter 2 0
Latter-day Saints Sources for Tracing Early British Mormons Barton, Noel R. 1980 Book Chapter 1 0
Mormons on the High Seas : Ocean Voyage Narratives to America (1840-1890) : Guide to Sources in the Historical Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Other Utah Repositories Bashore, Melvin L.;Haslam, Linda H. 1990 Book 1 0
Register of LDS Church Records Jaussi, Laureen R.;Chaston, Gloria D. 1968 Book 1 0
My Voyage from Zion in Utah to Zion in Paradise, or What Treasures do You Have in Your Attic? Ellsworth, S. George 1981 Book Chapter 1 0
An Inventory of Historical Resource Materials for Cache Valley, Utah-Idaho on Microfilm Ellsworth, S. George 1957 Book 1 0
The Mormon Genealogical Society and Research Opportunities in Early American History Nicholls, Michael L.;Gerlach, Larry R. 1975 Journal Article 1 0
A Research Aid to the Original Legal Records of Latter-Day Saint Leaders in Hancock County, Illinois, 1839-1847 Golding, Robyn Pearl 1993 Dissertation 1 0
Guide to the Mormon War Papers, 1838-1841 Missouri State Archives 1980 Book 1 0