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Anti-Mormon writings

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
The Viper on the Hearth : Mormons, Myths, and the Construction of Heresy Givens, Terryl L. 2013 Book 132 76
Mormon History Whittaker, David J.;Allen, James B.;Walker, Ronald W. 2001 Book 59 889
Defending Zion : George Q. Cannon and the California Mormon Newspaper Wars of 1856-1857 Ekins, Roger Robin 2002 Book 26 230
The Absurdities of Mormonism Portrayed Olney, Oliver H. 1843 Book 22 0
Mormonism Portrayed : Its Errors and Absurdities Exposed, and the Spirit and Designs of Its Authors Made Manifest Harris, William 1841 Book 16 0
History of Mormonism : Or a Faithful Account of That Singular Imposition and Delusion, With Sketches of the Characters of Its Propagators Howe, Eber D. 1840 Book 10 0
Narrative of Some of the Proceedings of the Mormons : With Particulars Concerning the Training of the Indians, by Them, Description of the Mode of Endowment, Plurality of Wives Lewis, Catherine 1848 Book 9 0
"The Modern Mormon Kingdom" : Frank J. Cannon's national campaign against Mormonism, 1910-18 Cannon, Kenneth L., II 2011 Journal Article 9 15
The Mormon Monster : Or, The Story of Mormonism Folk, Edgar E. 1901 Book 8 0
The Maze of Mormonism Martin, Walter 1978 Book 6 52
The Abominations of Mormonism Exposed; Containing Many Facts and Doctrines That Singular People, During Seven Years Membership with Them: From 1840 to 1847 Hall, William 1852 Book 6 0
The Mormon Delusion : Its History, Doctrines, and the Outlook in Utah Montgomery, M. W. 1890 Book 6 0
The Refractory Abner Cole Hedges, Andrew H. 2002 Book Chapter 6 10
The English Editor and the 'Mormon Scare' of 1911 Vousden, Peter J. 2002 Journal Article 6 2
Translator or Translated? The Portrayal of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Print in Meiji Japan Smith, Sarah Cox;Gessel, Van C.;Neilson, Reid L. 2008 Book Chapter 5 0
Moritz Busch's Die Mormonen and the Conversion of Karl G Maeser Richards, A. LeGrand 2006 Journal Article 5 3
The Reverend Dr. Peter Christian Kierkegaard's "About and Against Mormonism" (1855) Paulsen, David L.;Allen, Julie K. 2007 Journal Article 4 6
Mormon Fanaticism Exposed : A Compendium of the Book of Mormon, or Joseph Smith's Golden Bible. Also, the Examination of its Internal and External Evidences, with the Argument to Refute its Pretences to a Revelation from God. Argued before the Free Discussion Society in the City of Boston, July 1841 Parsons, Tyler 1842 Book 3 0
Mormonism, its Rise, Progress and Present Condition Green, Nelson Winch 1870 Book 3 0
On American Soil, Or, Mormonism the Mohammedanism of the West Willing, Jennie Fowler 1906 Book 3 0
Mormoniad Anonymous 1858 Book 3 0
The Mormon Menace : Being the Confession of John Doyle Lee, Danite Lee, John D. 1905 Book 3 0
Hand-Book on Mormonism Coyner, J.M. 1882 Book 2 0
The Book of Mormon : Book of Lies Sheets, Kendal M.;Sheets, Meredith Ray 2012 Book 2 6
Behind the Mask of Mormonism : From Its Early Schemes to Its Modern Deceptions Weldon, John;Ankerberg, John 1992 Book 2 0
Letters on Mormonism Coyner, J.M. 1879 Book 2 0
'Divert the Minds of the People' : Mountain Meadows Massacre Recitals and Missionary Work Reeves, Brian D. 2012 Book Chapter 2 0
"The Assault of Laughter" : The Comic Attack On Mormon Polygamy in Popular Literature Cracroft, Richard H. 2008 Journal Article 2 20
A Mormon Conventicle Whittier, John G. 1847 Journal Article 2 0
Breaking the Mormon Code : A Critique of Mormon Scholarship Regarding Classical Christian Theology and the Book of Mormon Paulson, Matthew A. 2000 Book 1 0
Mormon Roots Joseph Smith: Genealogy ... History ... Pathology ... Therapy.... Marchant, Byron 1994 Book 1 10
The Barbarism Exposed : An Interpretive Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of Mormonism, 1887-1888 Atkinson, Walter Lynn 2003 Dissertation 0 0
Creating a Pseudo-history: The Myth of Mormons, Polygamy, and the Danites in Nineteenth-century Fiction Fuller, Amanda Lynn 2016 Dissertation 0 0
The Press on Wheels Meets the Mormons Bennion, Sherilyn Cox 2000 Journal Article 0 1
Anti-Mormon Bug and Vermin Poison Jackson, Kent P. 2003 Journal Article 0 2
Anti-Mormon Bug and Vermin Poison Jackson, Kent P. 2003 Journal Article 0 2
In the Land of the Lotus-Eaters Peterson, Daniel C.;Peterson, Daniel C 1998 Journal Article 0 0
A Word to Our Anti-Mormon Friends;The Counterfeit Gospel of Mormonism Barksdale, D. L 2000 Journal Article 0 0
Mormonism and Wikipedia : The Church History That "Anyone Can Edit" Nicholson, Roger 2012 Journal Article 0 17