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Roberts, B. H., thought

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
The Reconstruction of Mormon Doctrine : From Joseph Smith to Progressive Theology Alexander, Thomas G. 1980 Journal Article 69 0
The Truth, The Way, The Life : An Elementary Treatise on Theology Roberts, B. H. 1994 Book 52 0
Science, Religion, and Mormon Cosmology Paul, Erich Robert 1992 Book 44 44
'We Can See No Advantage to a Continuation of the Discussion' : The Roberts/Smith/Talmage Affair Sherlock, Richard 1980 Journal Article 28 7
A Turbulent Spectrum : Mormon Reactions to the Darwinist Legacy Sherlock, Richard 1978 Journal Article 22 6
Discussion Continued : The Sequel to the Roberts/Smith/Talmage Affair Keller, Jeffrey E. 1982 Journal Article 12 6
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Mapping Book of Mormon Historicity Debates :Part 1 : A Guide for the Overwhelmed Duffy, John-Charles 2008 Journal Article 5 0
A Study of the Speaking of B. H. Roberts, Utah's Blacksmith Orator Pace, Ralph Wayne 1957 Dissertation 5 12
The B. H. Roberts/Joseph Fielding Smith/James E. Talmage Affair Sessions, Gene A.;Keller, Jeffrey E.;Oberg, Craig J.;Sherlock, Richard 1993 Book Chapter 4 0
B. H. Roberts on the Intellectual and Spiritual Quest Roberts, B. H. 1980 Journal Article 2 0
Philosophy Welch, John W.;Madsen, Truman G. 1994 Book Chapter 2 0
Science : The Universe, Creation, and Evolution Welch, John W.;Evenson, William E. 1994 Book Chapter 1 0
Brigham H. Roberts : Notes on a Mormon Philosopher-Historian McMurrin, Sterling M. 1967 Journal Article 1 0
Mormons and Evolution : A History of B. H. Roberts and His Attempt to Reconcile Science and Religion Reid, Tim S. 1997 Dissertation 1 0
B. H. Roberts : Historian and Theologian McMurrin, Sterling M.;Bergera, Gary James 1990 Book Chapter 1 0
B. H. Roberts : The Book of Mormon and the Atonement Madsen, Truman G. 1988 Book Chapter 1 0
Forward Roberts, B. H.;Paulsen, David L. 1998 Book Chapter 1 0
True Succession in Church Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints : Being a Reply to Elder B. H. Roberts on "Succession in the Presidency of the Church" Smith, Heman C. 1898 Book 1 0
B. H. Roberts: A Life in the Public Arena Sillito, John 2021 Book 1 221
Mormon Rhetoric and the Theory of Organic Evolution Laird, Kurt W. 2008 Dissertation 1 0
"About the Worst Man in Utah" : William R. Campbell and the Crusade against Brigham H. Roberts, 1898-1900 Brackenridge, R. Douglas 2013 Journal Article 1 18
Modes of Belief : David Whitmer, B. H. Roberts, Werner Heisenberg Sandberg, Karl C. 1988 Journal Article 0 0
B. H. Roberts and Ralph Waldo Emerson : Their Views of the Nature of God Colton, Jeri Cash 1986 Dissertation 0 0
Theology Paulsen, David L.;Welch, John W. 1994 Book Chapter 0 0
Attitudes and Beliefs Concerning Women Welch, John W.;Dant, Doris R. 1994 Book Chapter 0 0
Worthy of Another Look : Book of Mormon Students Meet : Interesting Convention Held in Provo Saturday and Sunday 2013 Journal Article 0 0
Inheriting the "Great Apostasy" : The Evolution of Latter-day Saint Views on the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Dursteler, Eric R. 2005 Book Chapter 0 0