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Human nature as viewed through the imagery of warfare in the Book of Mormon Macdonald, Byron Scott 2007 Dissertation 0 0
A Land Choice Above All Others : the Importance of the American Wilderness to the Rise of the Mormon Church Chidester, Peter M 2012 Dissertation 0 0
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"Common Sense" Meets the Book of Mormon : Source, Substance and Prophetic Disruption Givens, Terryl L.;Jacobson, Cardell K.;Heaton, Tim B.;Hoffman, John P. 2008 Book Chapter 0 29
Exploring the Spirit of Inquiry in the "Book of Mormon" Wahlquist, Robert F. 1996 Dissertation 0 0
Revealed or Buried in the Dirt : The Book of Mormon as Scripture for Postmodernity in the Community of Christ Hoffman, Michael A. 2005 Dissertation 0 0
Hospitality in the Book of Mormon Warnick, Bryan R.;Kim, Sang Hyun;Johnson, Benjamin A. 2014 Journal Article 0 1
The State of the Discipline : Sacred Texts in the United States Gutjahr, Paul 2001 Journal Article 0 0
A View from the Outside-An Appreciative Engagement with Grant Hardy's Understanding the Book of Mormon : A Reader's Guide Thomas, John Christopher 2016 Journal Article 0 0
Hubris and Ate : A Latter-day Warning from the Book of Mormon Draper, Richard D. 1994 Journal Article 0 0
Seeing Third Nephi as the Holy of Holies of the Book of Mormon Welch, John W. 2010 Journal Article 0 2
It Is OK Not to Have Every Answer : The Book of Mormon Onomastic Ending -(i)hah Hoskisson, Paul Y. 2009 Journal Article 0 1
The Word of God Roper, Matthew P. 1996 Journal Article 0 0
Girded about with a Lambskin Brown, Matthew B. 1997 Journal Article 0 5
The Zoramite Separation : A Sociological Perspective Johnson, Sherrie Mills 2005 Journal Article 0 3
"No Poor Among Them" Robison, Lindon J. 2005 Journal Article 0 3
Service and Temple in King Benjamin's Speech Parry, Donald W. 2007 Journal Article 0 1
Assessing the Broad Impact of Jack Welch's Discovery of Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon Smith, Robert F. 2007 Journal Article 0 4
Weather Report from the Valley of Lemuel Phillips, Wm. Revell 2006 Journal Article 0 1
Birds Along Lehi's Trail Hoskisson, Paul Y.;Carr, Stephen L. 2006 Journal Article 0 0
Refining the Spotlight on Lehi and Sariah Brown, S. Kent 2006 Journal Article 0 7
Seeking Joseph Smith's Voice Barney, Kevin L. 2006 Journal Article 0 5
Scholarship for the Ages Hardy, Grant R. 2006 Journal Article 0 2
Joseph Smith and the Text of the Book of Mormon Matthews, Robert J. 2006 Journal Article 0 2
The Savior and the Children in 3 Nephi Wells, M. Gawain 2005 Journal Article 0 2
God in History? Nephi's Answer Prete, Roy A. 2005 Journal Article 0 8
Lehi's Vision of the Tree of Life : Understanding the Dream as Visionary Literature Swift, Charles L. 2005 Journal Article 0 5
A Mesoamerican system of Weights and Measures? Did the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica use a system of weights and scales in measuring goods and their values? 1999 Journal Article 0 0
Out of the Dust 1999 Journal Article 0 0
A Few Thoughts from a Believing DNA Scientist Butler, John M. 2003 Journal Article 0 0
With Real Intent : A Priceless Gem Dadson, Andrew E. 2003 Journal Article 0 0
What's in a word? Etymology! Hallen, Cynthia Leah 2003 Journal Article 0 0
A Test of Faith : The Book of Mormon in the Missouri Conflict Johnson, Clark V. 2003 Journal Article 0 3
New Light : Genetics indicates that Polynesians Were Connected to Ancient America 2000 Journal Article 0 1
Last-Ditch Warfare in Ancient Mesoamerica Recalls the Book of Mormon Sorenson, John L. 2000 Journal Article 0 2
"What Meaneth the Words That Are Written?" Abinadi Interprets Isaiah Madsen, Ann N. 2001 Journal Article 0 1
Epigraphic Considerations on Janne Sjodahl's Experiment with Nephite Writing Gee, John 2001 Journal Article 0 0
Out of the Dust : Were Ancient Americans Familiar with Real Horses? 2001 Journal Article 0 0
Of What Material Were the Plates 2001 Journal Article 0 1
More Light on Who Wrote the Title Page Williams, Clyde J. 2001 Journal Article 0 3