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Brigham Young University, departments and programs

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
The Dream Is Ours to Fulfill Hafen, Bruce C. 1992 Journal Article 0 3
“By Study and Also by Faith” : Balancing the Sacred and the Secular at Brigham Young University in the 1930s and 1940s Daines III, J. Gordon 2020 Journal Article 1 13
A History of Brigham Young University Press Hunsaker, Williams Leon 1997 Book 0 0
Education, the Church, and Globalization David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies, BYU 2001 Book 0 0
Psychology among the Saints : The Development of Behavioral Science at Brigham Young University Brown, Bruce L.;Allen, Mark K. 1988 Journal Article 0 0
Collegium Aesculapium, the Brigham Young University Academy of Medicine Hales, Robert H.;Dixon, Jean 1983 Journal Article 0 0
College of Business--A Century of Progress at Brigham Young University Christensen, Edward L. 1973 Book 0 0
Report on the Fine Arts in Utah, 1968 Bureau of Economic and Business Research, University of Utah 1968 Book 0 0
Janie Thompson Malan, Jayne B. 1986 Journal Article 0 0
Portrait of a Lady : Kathryn Bassett Pardoe Jenkins, Jean R. 1977 Journal Article 0 0
The Brigham Young University/Public School Partnership, 1978-1988 Macintosh, Richard 1996 Dissertation 0 0
A Study of the Brigham Young University Presidential Scholarship Program, 1967-1989 Boone, David F. 1992 Dissertation 0 0
Student's Perceptions of Graduate Programs in Community Education at Brigham Young University Palmer, Gary K. 1981 Dissertation 0 0
Stanley Howard Watts : Man of Excellence Leishman, Courtney Maughan 1976 Dissertation 0 0
An Historical Overview of Modern Dance At Brigham Young University from 1875 to 1986 Olsen, Denise P. 1987 Dissertation 0 0
The Role of Brigham Young University in the Arab Development Society Dairy Project For Palestinian Orphans : A Case Study in Private Bilateral Foreign Aid Olson, Daneil C. 1985 Dissertation 0 0
The History of the Alumni Association and Its Influence on the Development of Brigham Young University Pease, Harold W. 1974 Dissertation 0 0
The History of Aspen Grove Family Camp as Influenced by the Directors of the BYU Alumni Association, 1856-1992 Longhurst, Mark Evan 1993 Dissertation 0 0
A History of Theater in Mormon Colleges and Universities Clinger, Morris M. 1963 Dissertation 0 0
A History of the Theatre and Cinematic Arts Department : Brigham Young University 1920-1978 Henson, Charles A. 1980 Dissertation 0 0
Integrating the Modern Psychologies and Religion : Allen E. Bergin and the Latter-day Saints of the Late Twentieth Century Swedin, Eric G. 1999 Journal Article 0 0
Sandra Rogers : Reflections of Brother- and Sisterhood Walker, Julie 1998 Journal Article 0 0
Janie Thompson to Headline at Homecoming '99 Winters, Charlene R 1999 Journal Article 0 0
Clean Socks and Heart-to-Heart Talks : Equipment Manager Honored for 43 Years of Service Robinson, Doug 2000 Journal Article 0 0
Linda Magleby Serves on Primary General Board Janetski, Joyce Athay 2000 Journal Article 0 0
Law Alumni Called as Area Authority Seventies Janetski, Joyce Athay 2000 Journal Article 0 0
Like Father, Like Sons Call, Jeff 2000 Journal Article 0 0
Pilgrimage to Provo : The Education Week Migration Bahr, Mary Lynn 1999 Journal Article 0 0
John W. Welch : Safe at Home Cranney, Carl 1999 Journal Article 0 0
Church History : A Conflict of Faith Hoyt, Hilary 1999 Journal Article 0 0
The Latter-day Saints' Greatest Generation Freeman, Robert C.;Wright, Dennis A 2001 Journal Article 0 0
A History of Folk Dancing at Brigham Young University West, Charles W. 1970 Dissertation 0 0
The History of Ballet at Brigham Young University Smith, Roxanne 1986 Dissertation 0 0
The Church in the Near East Peterson, Daniel C. 1992 Book Chapter 0 0
A History of BYU Semester at Nauvoo and the Joseph Smith Academy, 1994-2003 Andrus, Alyn Brown 2003 Book 0 0
Joseph Fielding Smith Institute for Latter-day Saint History Cannon, Donald Q.;Esplin, Ronald K.;Garr, Arnold K.;Cowan, Richard O. 2000 Encyclopedia Article 0 0
"This Is Very Historic" : The Young Ambassadors 1979 Tour of China Hilton, John, III;Liu, Brady 2016 Journal Article 0 4
The Quest for Truth: Science and Religion in the Best of All Worlds Millet, Robert L. 2011 Book Chapter 0 0
A History of the Men's Intramural Program at Brigham Young University Brown, David A. 1988 Dissertation 0 3
Brigham Young University Library Centennial history, 1875-1975 Knight, Hattie M. 1976 Book 1 0
Mormons and Jews Christensen, Bryce J. 1986 Journal Article 1 0
Speaking Tubes in the Household of Faith Fletcher, Peggy 1978 Journal Article 1 0
With a Song in Her Heart : Biography of Dr. Florence Jepperson Madsen Croft, Grace Hildy 1960 Book 1 0
Centennial History of the College of Physical and Engineering Sciences, Brigham Young University Hales, Wayne Brockbank 1974 Book 1 0
A History of the Student Newspaper and Its Early Predecessors at Brigham Young University from 1878 to 1965 Bray, Lawrence Hall 1966 Dissertation 1 3
FARMS Through the Years, Part 2 : A Conversation with Stephen D. Ricks and Noel B. Reynolds Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies Staff 1999 Journal Article 1 0
Forgotten Quest : The Brigham Young Academy Scientific Exploration Expedition Hemminger, Benjamin 1998 Journal Article 1 0
Charles Redd Center for Western Studies : The Oral History Program Whittaker, David J.;Embry, Jessie L. 1995 Book Chapter 1 0
The Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies : Reflections of a Modern Pioneer Galbraith, David B.;Van Dyke, Blair G. 2008 Journal Article 2 0