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Smith, Joseph, Jr., translator

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History and the Claims of Revelation : Joseph Smith and the Materialization of the Golden Plates Taves, Ann 2014 Journal Article 14 0
Joseph Smith's Seer Stones MacKay, Michael Hubbard 2016 Book 14 0
The Hor Book of Breathings : A Translation and Commentary Rhodes, Michael D. 2002 Book 13 6
The Joseph Smith Egyptian Papyri : A Complete Edition : P. JS 1-4 and the Hypocephalus of Sheshonq Ritner, Robert K. 2012 Book 12 0
The Lost 116 Pages : Reconstructing the Book of Mormon’s Missing Stories Bradley, Don 2019 Book 11 79
Brigham Young's Homes Whitley, Colleen;Brimhall, Sandra Dawn 2002 Book 10 0
"The Work of Translating" : The Book of Abraham's Translation Chronology Hansen, Megan;Muhlestein, Kerry 2016 Book Chapter 10 0
The Pearl of Great Price : Revelations from God Peterson, H. Donl;Tate, Charles 1989 Book 10 24
The Dating of the Papyri Joseph Smith I, X and XI and Min Who Massacres His Enemies Clarysse, Willy;Willems, Harco;Schoors, Antoine;Coenen, Marc 1998 Book Chapter 9 5
New Discoveries in the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible Jackson, Kent P. 2005 Journal Article 8 10
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The Joseph Smith Translation and Italicized Words in the King James Version Wayment, Thomas A. 2005 Journal Article 6 7
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The Translator and the Ghostwriter : Joseph Smith and W. W. Phelps Brown, Samuel;Taysom, Stephen C. 2011 Book Chapter 5 0
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Reassessing Authorship of the Book of Mormon Using Delta and Nearest Shrunken Centroid Classification Jockers, Matthew L. 2008 Journal Article 4 0
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Written by the Finger of God? : Claims and Controversies of Book of Mormon Translation Bradley, Don 2010 Journal Article 4 8
How We Got the Book of Moses Jackson, Kent P. 2002 Journal Article 4 12
Joseph Smith Translating Genesis Jackson, Kent P. 2017 Journal Article 4 17
Written By the Finger of God : A Testimony of Joseph Smith's Translations Sampson, Joe 1993 Book 3 6
Could Joseph Smith Have Drawn on Ancient Manuscripts When He Translated the Book of Enoch? : Recent Updates on a Persistent Question Dahle, Ryan;Bradshaw, Jeffrey M. 2019 Journal Article 3 45
“Strong Like unto Moses” : The Case for Ancient Roots in the Book of Moses Based on Book of Mormon Usage of Related Content Apparently from the Brass Plates Reynolds, Noel B.;Lindsay, Jeff 2021 Journal Article 3 16
How Could Joseph Smith Write So Accurately about Ancient American Civilization? Sorenson, John L. 2002 Book Chapter 3 12
The More Part of the Book of Mormon Is Early Modern English Hauglid, Brian M. 2016 Journal Article 3 1
Die Mormonen : Ihr Prophet, ihr Staat und ihr Glaube Busch, Moritz 1855 Book 3 0
The Joseph Smith Papyri and the Writings of Joseph of Egypt Barney, Quinten 2016 Journal Article 3 12
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Joseph Smith, Jr., as a Translator : An Inquiry Conducted Spalding, Franklin Spencer 1912 Book 2 5
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A Book of Joseph : Bible Backstories for a Seer's Life Staker, Susan 2016 Journal Article 2 9
The Treason of the Geographers : Mythical "Mesoamerican" Conspiracy and the Book of Mormon Roper, Matthew P. 2015 Journal Article 2 24
Joseph Smith and Native American Artifacts Wright, Mark Alan 2015 Book Chapter 2 0