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Smith, Joseph, Jr., writings

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The Palmyra Revival of 1824-25, From Methodist, Presbyterian and Baptist Records : Its Impact on the Restoration Movement Marquardt, H. Michael 2020 Journal Article 0 5
Editing the Prophet : Dean C. Jessee's The Personal Writings of Joseph Smith Anderson, Richard Lloyd 1984 Journal Article 0 10
Co-Authors of the Articles of Faith? Welch, John W. 1969 Journal Article 0 0
Joseph Smith : Prophet-Poet Petersen, Roger K. 1977 Journal Article 0 0
Items from the Diary of Joseph Smith the Prophet on Relief Society Smith, Joseph, Jr. 1877 Journal Article 0 0
A Man Who Speaks to Our Time from Eternity King, Arthur Henry 1989 Journal Article 0 0
Verbal Punctuation in the Book of Mormon II — NEVERTHELESS Gee, John 2023 Journal Article 0 6
“Having Many Things to Write to You” : Biblical Intertextuality in Joseph Smith's Two Colesville Letters Frederick, Nicholas J. 2021 Journal Article 2 19
"The Book Which Thou Shalt Write" : The Book of Moses As Prophetic Midrash Bokovoy, David E. 2018 Book Chapter 1 7
Rough Stone Rising : The Joseph Smith Papers Project Mastromarino, Mark A. 2015 Journal Article 0 0
Prophetic Letters from Jail : A Restoration Theology of Liberation Bryant, Seth L. 2013 Journal Article 0 0
Sociality : Pluralism, Conflict, and Love in the Vision of Joseph Smith, Jr. Paul, Charles Randall 2009 Journal Article 0 6
Introduction Jensen, Robin Scott;Howcroft, Sharalyn D.;Ashurst-McGee, Mark 2018 Book Chapter 0 0
To What Extent Was W. W. Phelps Joseph Smith’s Ghostwriter in Nauvoo? Van Orden, Bruce A. 2019 Journal Article 0 0
A Documentary Note on a Letter to Joseph Smith. Romance, Death, and Polygamy : The Life and Times of Susan Hough Conrad and Lorenzo Dow Barnes Smith, William V. 2016 Journal Article 0 23
Letters From Liberty Jail Woodford, Robert J. 1984 Book Chapter 0 0
Sacralizing the Diaspora : Cosmopolitan and Originalist Indigenous Religions Hoskins, Janet Alison 2017 Journal Article 0 0
The Journal of Joseph : The Prophet Joseph Smith's Story in His Own Words Nelson, Lee 2014 Book 0 0
Doctrine and Covenants : A Roundtable Discussion, Part 1 Woodford, Robert J.;Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel;Underwood, Grant;Harper, Steven C.;Fluhman, J. Spencer 2009 Journal Article 0 0
The Doctrine and Covenants : A Roundtable Discussion, Part 2 Woodford, Robert J.;Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel;Underwood, Grant;Harper, Steven C.;Fluhman, J. Spencer 2009 Journal Article 0 1
Joseph Smith's Letter from Liberty Jail as an Epistolary Rhetoric Gore, David Charles 2010 Journal Article 0 3
Scriptures for the Children of Zion: The Revelations of Sidney and Phebe Rigdon Burton, Jay 2020 Book Chapter 0 19
A Chronology of Joseph Smith BYU Studies Staff 2007 Journal Article 0 26
Reassessing Joseph Smith Jr.'s Formal Education Davis, William 2022 Book Chapter 0 23
Narrative Revolutions in Nat Turner and Joseph Smith Scales, Laura Thiemann 2022 Book Chapter 0 10
Translating Time: The Nature and Function of Joseph Smith's Narrative Canon Flake, Kathleen 2022 Book Chapter 0 25
Sounding Sacred: The Adoption of Biblical Archaisms in the Book of Mormon and other 19th Century Texts Bowen, Gregory A. 2016 Dissertation 1 34
Joseph Smith and Modern Astronomy : Using Science as a Key to Unlocking the Secrets of God's World Ingebretsen, Richard J. 1999 Book 1 0
The Poetic Quality in the Writings of Joseph Smith Ball, Isaac B. 1935 Journal Article 1 0
Joseph Smith as a Jacksonian Man of Letters : His Literary Development as Evidenced in His Newspaper Writings Norton, Walter A. 1976 Dissertation 1 54
Joseph Smith's Missionary Journal Jessee, Dean C.;Hartley, William G. 1974 Journal Article 2 0
Smith, Joseph : Writings of Joseph Smith Ludlow, Daniel H.;Jessee, Dean C. 1992 Encyclopedia Article 1 11
Remaking the Agrarian Dream : The New Deal's Rural Resettlement Program in Utah Cannon, Brian Q.;Welch, John W. 1992 Dissertation 1 1
Discordant Images : Joseph Smith's First Vision in the Lutheran Tradition of Ars Moriendi Allred, Mason Kamana 2021 Journal Article 1 5
Items of Instruction : Sections 130 and 131 Van Orden, Bruce A. 1984 Book Chapter 1 0
Insights into the Mind and Personality of the Prophet Joseph Smith Cannon, Donald Q. 2003 Journal Article 1 9
Revealing The Joseph Smith Papers Grow, Matthew J. 2009 Journal Article 1 3
Joseph Smith, the Times and Seasons, and Central American Ruins Fields, Paul J.;Nepal, Atul;Roper, Matthew P. 2013 Journal Article 1 9
The Gold Plates as Foundational Text Bushman, Richard L. 2018 Book Chapter 1 0
Joseph Smith's Nauvoo Journals Smith, Alex D.;Hedges, Andrew H. 2018 Book Chapter 2 0
An Accidental Church Historian : On the Trail of a Book of Joseph Staker, Susan 2020 Book Chapter 2 22
Joseph Smith's Visions : His Style and his Record Barney, Ronald O. 2013 Report 2 0
Joseph Smith's Missouri Prison Letters and the Mormon Textual Community Grua, David W. 2018 Book Chapter 4 0
The Character of Joseph Smith, A Study Based on his Own Literary Productions Peterson, Elmer 1938 Dissertation 2 0
Joseph Smith, Prophet-Poet : A Literary Analysis of Writings Commonly Associated with His Name Petersen, Roger K. 1981 Dissertation 2 0
'Eternity Sketch'd in a Vision' : The Poetic Version of Doctrine and Covenants 76 Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel;Merrill, Byron R. 1993 Book Chapter 2 0
Joseph Smith : Prophet-Poet Petersen, Roger K. 1980 Book Chapter 2 0
Joseph Smith's Description of Paul the Apostle Wayment, Thomas A. 2012 Journal Article 3 8