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Producing Ancient Scripture: Joseph Smith's Translation Projects in the Development of Mormon Christianity Hauglid, Brian M.;MacKay, Michael Hubbard;Ashurst-McGee, Mark 2020 Book 43 335
Sacred Borders : Continuing Revelation and Canonical Restraint in Early America Holland, David F. 2011 Book 43 35
Joseph Smith's New Translation of the Bible Smith, Joseph, Jr.;Wellington, Paul A. 1970 Book 41 22
Boyd K. Packer : A Watchman on the Tower Tate, Lucile C. 1995 Book 20 0
The New Publications of the Standard Works-1979, 1981 Matthews, Robert J. 1982 Journal Article 19 5
The Joseph Smith Egyptian Papyri : Translations and Interpretations Wilson, John A. 1968 Journal Article 15 0
The Dating of the Papyri Joseph Smith I, X and XI and Min Who Massacres His Enemies Clarysse, Willy;Willems, Harco;Schoors, Antoine;Coenen, Marc 1998 Book Chapter 13 5
The Joseph Smith Translation : The Restoration of Plain and Precious Things Nyman, Monte S.;Millet, Robert L. 1985 Book 13 18
Traditions about the Early Life of Abraham Gee, John;Hauglid, Brian M.;Tvedtnes, John A. 2001 Book 11 0
Joseph Smith’s Translation : The Words and Worlds of Mormonism Brown, Samuel Morris 2020 Book 10 0
New Discoveries in the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible Jackson, Kent P. 2005 Journal Article 9 10
Mormon Non-English Scriptures, Hymnals, and Periodicals 1830-1986 : A Descriptive Bibliography Jacobs, Lyn R. 1986 Book 8 0
The Joseph Smith Revision and the Synoptic Problem : An Alternative View Hutchinson, Anthony A. 1985 Journal Article 7 2
The Japanese Reaction to Mormonism and the Translation of Mormon Scripture into Japanese Brady, Frederick R. 1979 Dissertation 7 0
In God's Image and Likeness 2: Enoch, Noah, and the Tower of Babel Larsen, David J.;Bradshaw, Jeffrey M. 2014 Book 7 154
Toward a Feminist Interpretation of Latter-day Scripture Anderson, Lynn M. 1994 Journal Article 7 0
Making the Scriptures 'Indeed One in Our Hands' Vogel, Dan;Ashment, Edward H. 1990 Book Chapter 6 0
The Joseph Smith Translation and Italicized Words in the King James Version Wayment, Thomas A. 2005 Journal Article 6 7
Joseph Smith Translating Genesis Jackson, Kent P. 2017 Journal Article 6 17
The Challenge of Theological Translation : New German Versions of the Standard Works Snow, Marcellus S. 1984 Journal Article 5 2
The Diary of W. Ernest Young Young, Walter Ernest, 1887-1982 1973 Book 5 0
The Ages of the Patriarchs in the Joseph Smith Translation Jackson, Kent P.;Swift, Charles L. 2007 Book Chapter 5 2
Santa Biblia : The Latter-day Saint Bible in Spanish Sears, Joshua M. 2015 Journal Article 5 6
From the Dust of Decades : A Saga of the Papyri and Mummies Whipple, Walter L.;Terry, Keith C. 1968 Book 4 0
Joseph Smith's Commentary on the Bible Jackson, Kent P. 1994 Book 4 8
Revisiting Joseph Smith and the Availability of the Book of Enoch Townsend, Colby 2020 Journal Article 4 7
The Role of the Book of Abraham in the Restoration Gee, John 1997 Report 3 13
Book of Mormon Editions (1830-1981) Skousen, Royal 1992 Encyclopedia Article 3 8
As Things Stand at the Moment Nibley, Hugh W. 1969 Journal Article 3 1
Church Publishes First LDS Edition of the Bible Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1979 Journal Article 3 1
Fantasy and Reality in the Translation of the Book of Abraham Gee, John 2021 Journal Article 3 14
The Secular Binary of Joseph Smith's Translations MacKay, Michael Hubbard 2021 Journal Article 3 8
The Book of Abraham : Its Authenticity Established as a Divine and Ancient Record Reynolds, George 1879 Book 3 0