Studies in Mormon History

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Journal (1887-1963) Hansen, Lydia Emma Whipple, 1887-1977 Book
Diary, 1841-1843, 1855-1858. (Transcription) [Microfilm] Gibson, William, 1809-1875 Book
Diary, 1841-1858 Gibson, William, 1809-1875 Book
Chile : Segunda parte : investigación histórica Curbelo, Nestor Book
Charles Rich Snelgrove Missionary Journal Layton, Alan F., Snelgrove, Charles Rich Book
Selling the Promised Land : Religious and Philanthropic Promotion Ziegler-McPherson, Christina A. Book Chapter
Societal Change and the Second Awakening Swift, Donald C. Book Chapter
"Forever Families" ; Christian Individualism, Mormonism and Collective Salvation Cannell, Fenella Book Chapter
Marrying Into Heaven : The Constitutionality of Polygamy Bans Under the Free Exercise Clause Berberick, Kristen A. Journal Article
Dream Mining Papanikolas, Zeese Book Chapter
Chauncey W. West : Pioneer–Churchman West, Franklin L. Book 1
Joseph Smith, Jr. as a Translator : A Further Discussion of Bishop F. S. Spalding's Pamphlet Russell, Isaac K. Journal Article 1
The Midwest Pioneer : His Ills, Cures, & Doctors Buley, R. Carlyle, Pickard, Madge E. Book 3
Fawn Brodie's Richard Nixon : The making of a controversial biography Bringhurst, Newell G. Journal Article 2
Frederick Madison Smith : The Formative Years of an RLDS President Hunt, Larry E. Journal Article 3 4
The Cities of Zion? Mormon and non-Mormon town plans in the U.S. Mountain West, 1847-1930 Smith, Samuel A. Journal Article 1
The Mormons and the Mounties : Contact and Assimilation in the Late Nineteenth Century Woods, Fred E. Journal Article 1 15
Women and Priesthood Edwards, Paul M. Journal Article 1
Lehi's Personal Record : Quest for a Missing Source Brown, S. Kent Journal Article
“Mormonism and the Fourth-Century Search for a Christian Doctrine of God.” Underwood, Grant Book Chapter
Apocalyptic Anticipations: Mormon Millenarianism in the Early Years Guest, Mathew, Middlemiss Le Mon, Martha, Underwood, Grant Journal Article
Relishing the Revelations: The Doctrine and Covenants and the Revelatory Process Birch, Brian D., Petersen, Boyd, Underwood, Grant, Van Dyke, Blair G. Book Chapter 1
Condescension and Fullness : LDS Christology in Conversation with Historic Christianity Underwood, Grant Book Chapter
Theological Anthropology: The Origin and Nature of Human Beings Millet, Robert L., Mouw, Richard J., Underwood, Grant Book Chapter
New Religious Movements Stein, Stephen J., Underwood, Grant Book Chapter
Joseph Smith and the King James Bible Underwood, Grant Book Chapter 1
Millenarianism and Nineteenth-Century New Religions: The Mormon Example Sharon, Moshe, Underwood, Grant Book Chapter
Plural Marriage (Polygamy) Hillerbrand, Hans J., Underwood, Grant Encyclopedia Article
‘Awash in a Sea of Faith’: America and the Second Great Awakening Fleming, Stephen J., Underwood, Grant, Welch, John W. Book Chapter 4
The ‘Same’ Organization That Existed in the Primitive Church Underwood, Grant Book Chapter
Supernaturalism and Healing in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints McDannell, Colleen, Underwood, Grant Book Chapter
Mormonism, Millenarianism, and Modernity Eliason, Eric A., Underwood, Grant Book Chapter
Mormonism Landes, Richard, Underwood, Grant Encyclopedia Article
Millenarianism and Popular Methodism in Early Nineteenth Century England and Canada Underwood, Grant Journal Article
The Hope of Israel in Early Modern Ethnography and Eschatology Goldman, Shalom, Underwood, Grant Book Chapter
Millenarianism Ludlow, Daniel H., Underwood, Grant Encyclopedia Article
D&C 20-22 Ludlow, Daniel H., Underwood, Grant Encyclopedia Article
Pioneer Housewife : The Autobiography of Sally Dodge Morris Gregory, Sarah J. Journal Article 1
The Word of Wisdom in Contemporary American Mormonism : Perceptions and Practice Ferguson, John E., III, Knoll, Benjamin, Riess, Jana K. Journal Article 1 11
Godbodied : The Matter of the Latter-day Saints Webb, Stephen H. Journal Article 2
Are Christians Mormon? Madsen, Truman G. Journal Article
A Trip across the Plains in the Year 1849, with Notes of a Voyage to California by Way of Panama Morgan, Martha M. Book 1
Infant Salvation : Book of Mormon Theology in a Nineteenth-Century Context Easton-Flake, Amy Book Chapter 1
What is Mormon Cinema? Defining the Genre Astle, Randy Journal Article 2
Temples Rising : A Heritage of Sacrifice Bennett, Richard E. Book 186
Dreams as Revelation Alford, Kenneth L., Manscill, Craig K., Woodger, Mary Jane Book 58
Auto-Biography Kimball, Sarah Melissa Granger Journal Article 1
LDS Ethnic Wards and Branches in the United States : The Advantages and Disadvantages of Language Congregations Embry, Jessie L. Journal Article 1
Matthew Philip Gill and Joseph Smith : The Dynamics of Mormon Schism Bowman, Matthew Journal Article
View of the Hebrews, or, The Tribes of Israel in America Smith, Ethan 1825 Book 13