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Yanbu Branch History Hilton, Lynn M. 1988 Report 0 0
Writing a Ward or Stake History Historical Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1975 Report 0 0
William A. ('Bill') Hickman : Setting the Record Straight Hilton, Hope A.;Arrington, Leonard J. 1979 Report 2 0
Westward Migration of the Mormons : With Special Emphasis on the History of Nauvoo Miller, David E. 1963 Report 11 0
Welfare before Welfare : Twentieth Century LDS Church Charity before the Great Depression Blumell, Bruce D. 1978 Report 0 0
A Walk Through the Bible with the Prophet Joseph Smith Matthews, Robert J. 1973 Report 0 0
An Unparallel : Ethan Smith and the Book of Mormon Welch, John W. 1980 Report 4 0
United Order of Little Colorado Stake in Arizona Warner, Ross W. 1968 Report 0 0
The Translation of the Book of Mormon : Basic Historical Information Welch, John W.;Rathbone, Tim 1985 Report 26 0
To Carry On : the History of the Nyssa Oregon Stake, 1950 to 2000 Robinson, Trudy Esther Bowman 2001 Report 0 0
Through the Glass Darkly : Comparing and Contrasting the Views of Kenneth Waltz and Inspired LDS Sources on War Evans, Jeremy O. 1998 Report 1 0
The Teaching of the Prophet Joseph Smith Bushman, Richard L. 1976 Report 4 0
Tale of Two Tabernacles : History of the Provo Tabernacle and the Old Provo Meeting House Christensen, N. La Verl 1973 Report 0 0
A Survey of Church Buildings of Cache Stake of Zion of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 1859-1974 Dial, Willis A. 1974 Report 1 0
A Study of the Graduates of the Indian Placement Program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Brown, Harold C.;Welker, Arland L.;Wade, Gary L.;Morgan, Kent E.;Ellis, Royal V.;Barklay, LeRoi G., Jr. 1972 Report 1 0
A Study of Executions in Utah Walters, Jean Ann 1973 Report 3 0
A Study Comparing the Recent Growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with Other Selected Christian Groups in the United States Ludlow, Daniel H. 1962 Report 0 0
The Structure of LDS Interpretations of the TLC Apostasy Halstead, John 1999 Report 0 0
Story of the Nauvoo Temple Arrington, Joseph Earl 1970 Report 0 0
The Story of the Mormons in the Holy Land Barrett, Ivan J. 1977 Report 1 0
The Story of LDS Church Schools Taylor, Harvey L. 1971 Report 10 0
Stephen Markham's History as Others have Recorded It Kitchen, Verda McKee 1982 Report 0 0
Statistical Information on LDS Church and LDS Church University Needs Anonymous 1958 Report 0 0
Some Political Aspects of Early Mormon-'Gentile' Relations, 1830-1850 : Interpretation of Contemporary Sources of Public Opinion Clark, James R. 1938 Report 1 0
Social Networks and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Andrysiak, Tanya 2017 Report 0 0
Sidney Rigdon The Real Founder of Mormonism Whitsitt, William H. 1885 Report 5 0
Sexual Behavior of Selected College Students 1949-50 and 1960 Smith, Wilford E. 1966 Report 0 0
Series of Laws in the Book of Mormon Welch, John W. 1987 Report 2 1
The Separation of Ecclesiastical and Civil Court Jurisdiction in Early LDS Church History Christensen, Craig H. 1985 Report 1 0
Selected and Annotated Bibliography on the History and Status of Blacks in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1830-1985 Hawkins, Chester Lee 1987 Report 0 0
Search for Zarahemla : The Call of Expeditionary Parley Pratt Nelson Jones, Gracia N. 2010 Report 0 0
Science/Mormonism Bibliography 1932-1986 Miller, Robert 1987 Report 1 0
Save Me from that Horrible Place, the Southern States Mission 1875-1905 Seferovich, Heather M. 1994 Report 1 0
Salt Lake City Land Use Control : From Prophets to Zoning Ordinances Davis, Ray Jay;Todd, Bryan 1984 Report 0 0
Saints in the Land of the Porcupine : A Study of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Ashanti Region, Ghana Nagaishi, Garrett 2014 Report 2 9
Roster of Members of the Legislative Assembly, Utah Territory, 1851/52 to 1894 Irving, Gordon 1975 Report 0 0
The Role of the Council of the Twelve during Brigham Young's Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Esplin, Ronald K.;Arrington, Leonard J. 1979 Report 8 0
The Role of the Book of Abraham in the Restoration Gee, John 1997 Report 3 13
Role of the Book of Abraham in the Restoration Gee, John 1997 Report 1 9
Review of Ernest Taves' Book of Mormon Stylometry Hilton, John L. 1986 Report 1 0
The Restoration of the Jews Gileadi, Avraham 1974 Report 0 0
Research Report : LDS Church History Atlas Zimmerman, Dean R. 1975 Report 1 0
Report of the First General Festival of the Renowned Mormon Battalion, Which came off on Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 6 and &, 1855, in the Social Hall, G.S.L. City Long, J. V. 1855 Report 3 0
Reading on the Utah Frontier, 1850-1877 : The History of the Deseret Alphabet Grover, Susan Hendricks;Cranney, A. Garr 1982 Report 2 10
The Puritan and Mormon Jeremiads Benzley, Caroline H. 2001 Report 0 0
The Prophet Joseph Smith : Spiritual Statesman Maxwell, Neal A. 1975 Report 0 0
The Prophet Joseph Smith McDonald, Howard S. 1945 Report 1 0