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Compilation on the Negro in Mormonism Bush, Lester E., Jr. 1972 Report 11 0
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The Story of LDS Church Schools Taylor, Harvey L. 1971 Report 10 0
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The Moses Thatcher Case Ivins, Stanley S. 1966 Report 9 0
Mormonism's Open Canon : Some Historical Perspectives on Its Religious Limits and Potentials Whittaker, David J.;Welch, John W. 1987 Report 9 0
"I Would Confine Them to Their Own Species" : LDS Historical Rhetoric & Praxis Regarding Marriage Between Whites and Blacks O'Donovan, Connell 2009 Report 9 0
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The Mutual Improvement Associations : A Preliminary History, 1900-1950 Kenney, Scott G. 1976 Report 7 0
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History of Enterprise and its Surroundings Fish, Joseph 1917 Report 4 0
History of the Southwest Indian Mission Flake, David Kay 1965 Report 4 0
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The Teaching of the Prophet Joseph Smith Bushman, Richard L. 1976 Report 4 0
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The Office of Bishop : An Example of Organizational Development in the Church Beecher, Dale F. 1978 Report 4 0
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Report of the First General Festival of the Renowned Mormon Battalion, Which came off on Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 6 and &, 1855, in the Social Hall, G.S.L. City Long, J. V. 1855 Report 3 0
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A Study of Executions in Utah Walters, Jean Ann 1973 Report 3 0