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Artemus Millet : Builder of the Kingdom Probert, Josh E. 2003 Report 0 22
Nigerian Converts, Mormon Missionaries, and the Priesthood Revelation : Mormonism in Nigeria, 1946-1978 Hurlbut, D. Dmitri 2015 Report 0 17
The Role of the Book of Abraham in the Restoration Gee, John 1997 Report 3 13
Reading on the Utah Frontier, 1850-1877 : The History of the Deseret Alphabet Grover, Susan Hendricks;Cranney, A. Garr 1982 Report 2 10
Saints in the Land of the Porcupine : A Study of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Ashanti Region, Ghana Nagaishi, Garrett 2014 Report 2 9
Role of the Book of Abraham in the Restoration Gee, John 1997 Report 1 9
Called to Serve : The Prosocial Behavior of Active Latter-day Saints Curtis, Daniel Warren;Evans, Van;Cnaan, Ram A. 2012 Report 3 3
"It Came to Pass" in the Bible and the Book of Mormon Smith, Robert F. 1980 Report 2 2
Series of Laws in the Book of Mormon Welch, John W. 1987 Report 2 1
Research Report : LDS Church History Atlas Zimmerman, Dean R. 1975 Report 1 0
The Mormon United Order in Utah Woodbury, Angus M. 1934 Report 0 0
Censorship and the Freedom of Information in Mormon Society : The Research of Juanita Brooks Winkler, Lorna M. 1981 Report 0 0
Mormons and Their Neighbors : An Index to Over 75,000 Biographical Sketches from 1820 to the Present Wiggins, Marvin E. 1984 Report 3 0
Joseph Smith -- The Significance of the First Vision Widtsoe, John A. 1946 Report 2 0
Mormonism's Open Canon : Some Historical Perspectives on Its Religious Limits and Potentials Whittaker, David J.;Welch, John W. 1987 Report 9 0
Mapping Contemporary Mormon Historiography Midgley, Louis C.;Whittaker, David J. 1990 Report 1 0
Mormon Missions and Missionaries : A Bibliographic Guide to Published and Manuscript Sources Whittaker, David J.;McClellan, Chris 1993 Report 2 0
Mormonism in Victorian England : Selected Readings Whittaker, David J. 1998 Report 2 0
Sidney Rigdon The Real Founder of Mormonism Whitsitt, William H. 1885 Report 5 0
Later Leaves of the Life of Lorenzo Snow, President of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Whitney, Orson F. 1890 Report 0 0
The Translation of the Book of Mormon : Basic Historical Information Welch, John W.;Rathbone, Tim 1985 Report 26 0
Did B. H. Roberts Lose Faith in the Book of Mormon? Welch, John W.;Madsen, Truman G. 1985 Report 7 0
Comprehensive Bibliography of the Book of Mormon (through December 1986) : Arranged Alphabetically by Author Gillum, Gary P.;Hofer, DeeAnn;Welch, John W. 1987 Report 1 0
An Unparallel : Ethan Smith and the Book of Mormon Welch, John W. 1980 Report 4 0
An Examination of Certain Aspects of the American Indian Education Program at Brigham Young University : A Study conducted by L. Robert Webb Webb, L. Robert 1972 Report 3 0
United Order of Little Colorado Stake in Arizona Warner, Ross W. 1968 Report 0 0
Organization and Development of Brigham Young University Stakes Warner, Ross W. 1969 Report 0 0
A Study of Executions in Utah Walters, Jean Ann 1973 Report 3 0
The Dual Worlds : Perceptions and Observations of Latter-day Saints as Soldiers in the Mormon Battalion Waite, Ryan C. 2007 Report 0 0
County Government of the Provisional State of Deseret Utah Historical Records Survey 1937 Report 1 0
The Gospel in Central America Tullis, F. LaMond 1963 Report 1 0
The Endowment House 1855-1889 Tingen, James Dwight 1974 Report 3 0
Ashtrays and Gumwrappers : Women in Utah Mormon Culture Thayne, Emma Lou 1977 Report 3 0
The Church Welfare Plan Taylor, Henry D. 1984 Report 3 0
The Story of LDS Church Schools Taylor, Harvey L. 1971 Report 10 0
A Collection of Historical and Genealogical Items Concerning The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Eastern Canada as copied from the Collection of Thomas S. Monson and Mahala M. Waywell Tagg, Melvin S. 1963 Report 0 0
Mormonism : The Restorer or Destroyer of the 'True' Heritage of the American Indian Stucki, Larry R. 1979 Report 1 0
A Bibliography on Mormonism Stout, Wayne D. 1954 Report 1 0
An Evaluation of Joseph Smith and His Work Sperry, Sidney B. 1947 Report 1 0
Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction of LDS Bishops and High Council Courts, 1847-1852 Sorenson, Stephen J. 1977 Report 5 0
Mormons in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, etc. : Newspaper Clippings 1838-1849 Snider, Helen Fulton;Snider, Cecil A. 1953 Report 2 0
An Ecological Study of L.D.S. Orthodoxy : As Judged by Bishops and by Professed Absence from Forbidden Word of Wisdom Items in 1041 L.D.S. Homes Smith, Wilford E. 1958 Report 0 0
Sexual Behavior of Selected College Students 1949-50 and 1960 Smith, Wilford E. 1966 Report 0 0