Studies in Mormon History

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A Trial Furnace : Southern Utah's Iron Mission Shirts, Kathryn H., Shirts, Morris A., Shirts, Morris A. [2001] Book 20
The Mormons in El Paso del Norte : history of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Juarez-El Paso binational community (1876-2000) Dickson, Mary, Dickson, Mary [2000] Book 1
Alexander Wetmore, the Bear River Marsh, and the Rise of Waterfowl Science, 1914-1916 Hedges, Andrew H. Winter 2019 Journal Article
Duck Fever : Hunting Clubs and the Preservation of Marshlands on the Great Salt Lake Ray, Jack Winter 2019 Journal Article 1
M. Craig Dangerfield, Duck Guide : The Intersection of Personal Narrative and Great Salt Lake Wetlands History Williams, Randy Winter 2019 Journal Article
Taking the Waters : Lost Leisure on Salt Lake City's Beck Street McLane, Michael Winter 2019 Journal Article 6
Tangible History on Great Salt Lake's Gunnison Island Leeflang, Arie, Merritt, Christopher W. Winter 2019 Journal Article 7
Timing the Translation of the Book of Mormon : “Days [and Hours] Never to Be Forgotten” Welch, John W. Winter 2018 Journal Article 1
Elvis Has Left the Library : Identifying Forged Annotations in a Book of Mormon Erekson, Keith A. Winter 2018 Journal Article 1
Cecil B. DeMille and David O. McKay—an Unexpected Friendship Woods, Fred E. Winter 2018 Journal Article
Photographs of the First Presidency, April 6, 1893 Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel, Wells, Thomas R Winter 2018 Journal Article
On Solace Givens, Fiona Winter 2018 Journal Article
Heretics in Truth : Love, Faith, and Hope as the Foundation for Theology, Community, and Destiny Givens, Terryl L. Winter 2018 Journal Article 2
What Would Jesus Do in Cyberspace? A Comparison of Online Authority Appeals on Two LDS Websites Targeting Believers and Non-Members Scott, David W. Winter 2018 Journal Article 5
British Latter Day Saint Conscientious Objectors in World War I Bolton, Andrew Winter 2018 Journal Article 3
The Restoration of Conscientious Objection Madson, Ron Winter 2018 Journal Article 9
Pedagogy of Perfection : Joseph Smith's Perfectionism, How It was Taught in the Early LDS Church, and Its Contemporary Applicability Sleegers, Richard Winter 2018 Journal Article
The Mother Tree : Understanding the Spiritual Root of Our Ecological Crisis Sonntag, Kathryn Knight Winter 2018 Journal Article 1
Ghosts of Mountain Dell : Transportation and Technological Change in the Wasatch Mountains Battle, Cullen Winter 2018 Journal Article 23
Reexamining the Radical : Stephen Holbrook and the Utah Strategy for Protesting the Vietnam War Thomas, Scott K. Winter 2018 Journal Article 11
Daggett County At 100 : New Approaches to a Colorful Past Pumphrey, Clinton R. Winter 2018 Journal Article 3
"Make Me An Author" : Arcadia Publishing and the Images of America Series - A Critique of Selected Utah Titles Carmack, Noel A. Winter 2018 Journal Article
Autobiography of Jane Elizabeth Manning James Anderson, Veronica, Goldberg, Robert Alan Winter 2018 Journal Article
The Martyrdom of Joseph Smith and His Brother Hyrum by Dan Jones Dennis, Ronald D. Winter 1984 Journal Article 1
Utah Filmmakers of the Silent Screen Nelson, Richard Alan Winter 1975 Journal Article 1
The Crisis of Mormon Christology : History, Progress, and Protestantism, 1880-1930 Bowman, Matthew Summer/Fall 2008 Journal Article
Corner Out of Time : Pioneering the Arizona Strip Francis, Elaine Hallmark Summer, 1989 Journal Article 1
The Gold Plates and Ancient Metal Epigraphy Thomas, Ryan Summer 2019 Journal Article 8
Authority and Priesthood in the LDS Church, Part 2 : Ordinances, Quorums, Nonpriesthood Authority, Presiding, Priestesses, and Priesthood Bans Terry, Roger Summer 2018 Journal Article 15
The Provo Tabernacle and Interfaith Collaboration Abunawara, Kim Summer 2018 Journal Article 1
Mormon-Catholic Relations in Utah History : A Sketch Topping, Gary Summer 2018 Journal Article 6
"A Portion of God's Light" : Mormonism and Religious Pluralism Birch, Brian D. Summer 2018 Journal Article 5
'Behold, Other Scriptures I Would that Ye Should Write' : Malachi in the Book of Mormon Townsend, Colby Summer 2018 Journal Article 2 10
The Great War and the Making of a Modern World Proctor, Tammy M. Summer 2018 Journal Article
Utah and World War I Powell, Allan Kent Summer 2018 Journal Article 1 32
Try To Be As Brave : Cross-Continental Comparisons of Great War Poetry Means, Robert S. Summer 2018 Journal Article 1
Calvin S. Smith : "Utah's Fighting Chaplain" Alford, Kenneth L. Summer 2018 Journal Article 7
"Dear Son Emil" : The Whitesides Family Letters, 1917-1919 Andersen, Rebecca Summer 2018 Journal Article 1
Appropriation and Accomodation : The University of Utah and the Utes Gerlach, Larry R., Johnson, Janiece Summer 2017 Journal Article 4
Rape Law in the Mid-Twentieth Century : Sexual Violence in Salt Lake City Smith, Michaele Summer 2017 Journal Article 1
Staking Claims on the Markagunt Plateau : Creation of Cedar Breaks National Monument, 1916-1934 Topham, Dale Summer 2017 Journal Article 3
From Tire Tracks to Treasure Trail : Cooperative Boosterism Along U.S. Highway 89 Kichas, Jim, Pumphrey, Clinton R. Summer 2017 Journal Article 1
Making an (In)Delible Mark : Nineteenth-Century Mormon Girls and Their Manuscript Newspapers Reeder, Jennifer Summer 2017 Journal Article 7
In Memoriam : Charles "Chas" Peterson, 1927-2017 Cannon, Brian Q. Summer 2017 Journal Article
From Mules to Motorcars : Utah's Changing Transportation Scene Utah State Historical Society Summer 1974 Journal Article 1
How Dead Cats, Your Siblings, Eighteenth-Century English Clergy, Making Lists, TED Talks, Evolutionary Biology, Susa Young Gates, and My Mom Can Save the World from Being Utterly Wasted Harris, Amy Spring 2019 Journal Article
Sarah Louisa Bouton Felt : Thousands Called Her Mother Benson, RoseAnn Spring 2019 Journal Article
Doing Business in the World without Becoming Worldly Just, David R., Oliver, Jeffrey R., Robison, Lindon J. Spring 2019 Journal Article
Who Is Leaving the Church? Demographic Predictors of Ex–Latter-day Saint Status in the Pew Religious Landscape Survey Cranney, Stephen Spring 2019 Journal Article
Condemn Me Not Hansen, Jody England Spring 2019 Journal Article