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The Economic Role of Pioneer Mormon Women Arrington, Leonard J. 1955 Journal Article 34 0
The Story of The Pearl of Great Price Clark, James R. 1955 Book 26 0
A Social, Economic, and Political Study of the Mormons in Western Illinois, 1839-1846 : A Re-Evaluation Gayler, George R. 1955 Dissertation 19 0
Cherished Experiences from the Writings of President David O. McKay Middlemiss, Claire 1955 Book 18 0
The Life of Lorenzo Snow : Fifth President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Romney, Thomas C. 1955 Book 17 0
The Reminiscences of James Holt : A Narrative of the Emmett Company Holt, James;Morgan, Dale L. 1955 Journal Article 17 14
The Kingdom of God Restored Grant, Carter E. 1955 Book 14 0
An Historical Study of the Life of Orson Hyde, Early Mormon Missionary and Apostle from 1805-1852 Hill, Marvin S. 1955 Dissertation 14 0
Martin Harris--Witness and Benefactor to the Book of Mormon Gunnell, Wayne Cutler 1955 Dissertation 12 0
Joseph Smith, Social Philosopher, Theorist, and Prophet Andrus, Hyrum L. 1955 Dissertation 10 0
A Study of the Nature of and the Significance of the Changes in the Revelations as Found in a Comparison of the Book of Commandments and Subsequent Editions of the Doctrine and Covenants Petersen, Melvin J. 1955 Dissertation 10 0
Abraham Owen Smoot, Pioneer Mormon Leader Berlin, C. Elliott 1955 Dissertation 8 0
The Social Organization of the Mormon Village Bailey, Wilfrid C. 1955 Dissertation 7 0
The Economic History of a Mormon Valley Arrington, Leonard J. 1955 Journal Article 7 0
Medicine of the Pioneer Period in Utah Morrell, Joseph R. 1955 Journal Article 7 3
Utah's Coal Road in the Age of Unregulated Competition Arrington, Leonard J. 1955 Journal Article 7 2
Utah's Ugly Ducklings : A Profile of the Scandinavian Immigrant Mulder, William 1955 Journal Article 7 4
The Life of Edward Stevenson, Member of the First Council of the Seventy, Friend of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Three Witnesses Stevenson, Joseph Grant 1955 Dissertation 6 0
The Evolution of County Boundaries in Utah Allen, James B. 1955 Journal Article 6 4
The Idaho Anti-Mormon Test Oath, 1884-1892 Wells, Merle W. 1955 Journal Article 6 0
Mormons from Scandinavia, 1850-1905 : The Story of a Religious Migration Mulder, William 1955 Dissertation 5 0
Banking Enterprises in Utah, 1847-1880 Arrington, Leonard J. 1955 Journal Article 5 0
Report of an Expedition to Locate Utah's First Capitol Cooley, Everett L. 1955 Journal Article 5 2
Discontinued LDS Periodicals Sudweeks, Joseph 1955 Book 4 0
History of the YWMIA Josephson, Marba C. 1955 Book 4 0
Mormonism and the American Frontier Larson, Gustive O. 1955 Book 4 0
They Sang of the Restoration : Stories of Latter Day Saint Hymns Cheville, Roy A. 1955 Book 4 0
The Origin and History of the Fast Day in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830-1896 Wengreen, A. Dean 1955 Dissertation 4 0
The Juarez Stake Academy Valentine, Dale M. 1955 Dissertation 3 0
Latter-day Saint Servicemen in the Philippine Islands : A Historical Study of their Religious Activities and Influences Resulting in the Official Organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Philippines Call, Lowell Eliason 1955 Dissertation 3 0
A Study of the Problem of a Personal Devil and its Relationship to Latter-day Saint Beliefs Garrard, LaMar E. 1955 Dissertation 3 5
Indian Tribes and Their Dealings with the Mormons Carter, Kate B. 1955 Journal Article 3 0
A Temple in the South Pacific Howe, Allie 1955 Journal Article 3 0
Western Justice : The Court at Fort Bridger, Utah Territory Davis, William N., Jr. 1955 Journal Article 3 5
A History of Education in San Bernardino during the Mormon Period Croy, Hazel M. 1955 Dissertation 2 0
New Jerusalem, U.S.A. : The Early Development of the Latter-day Saint Zion Concept on the American Frontier Bushman, Richard L. 1955 Dissertation 2 0
American Subcultural Continua as Exemplified by the Mormons and Texans Vogt, Evon Z. 1955 Journal Article 2 0
Emigrants' Problems in Crossing the West, 1830-1870 Taylor, Philip A. M. 1955 Journal Article 2 0
The Idaho Admission Movement Wells, Merle W. 1955 Journal Article 2 0
'. . . Publish it Upon the Mountains' : The Story of Martin Harris, One of the Three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon Homer, William H., Jr. 1955 Journal Article 2 0
From the Crossroads Evans, Richard L. 1955 Book 1 0
Incidents of My Early Days in the Church Stevenson, J. Grant;Stevenson, Emily Electa Williams 1955 Book 1 0
The King of Beaver Island Backus, Charles K. 1955 Book 1 0
Leaves from the Family Tree of Sixtus Ellis Johnson : Excerpts from his life story, with transcriptions of several journals of his mission and pioneer journeys. Also included are family genealogies, poems, and miscellaneous life sketches of some of his descendants. Johnson, Sixtus Ellis;David Ellis Johnson and other family members 1955 Book 1 0
Pioneer Irrigation, Upper Snake River Valley Carter, Kate B. 1955 Book 1 0
The Sociology of Mormonism : Four Studies O'Dea, Thomas F. 1955 Book 1 0
The True Church of God (With His Levites) Glendenning, Maurice Lerrie 1955 Book 1 0
The Development of Irrigation Institutions in the Semi-Arid West Malan, Vernon D. 1955 Dissertation 1 0
A History of Castle Valley to 1890 Jorgensen, John L. 1955 Dissertation 1 0
Information and Misinformation : An Analysis of the Press Relations of the French Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Jeppson, Lawrence S. 1955 Dissertation 1 0