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"I saw the Lord" : Joseph's First Vision Combined from Nine Accounts Muhlestein, Kerry 2020 Book 0 11
Mercy without End : Toward a More Inclusive Church Anderson, Lavina Fielding 2020 Book 0 21
Misplacing Ogden, Utah : Race, Class, Immigration, and the Construction of Urban Reputations Glass, Pepper 2020 Book 0 23
Pioneers in the Attic : Place and Memory Along the Mormon Trail Patterson, Sara M. 2020 Book 0 91
A New Witness to the World Rees, Robert A. 2020 Book 0 57
Pacific Apostle : The 1920-21 Diary of David O. McKay in the Latter-day Saint Island Missions McKay, David O. 2020 Book 0 46
Brigham Young, Colonizer of the American West Smith, George D. 2020 Book 0 0
Contingent Citizens: Shifting Perceptions of Latter-day Saints in American Political Culture Erekson, Keith A.;Rogers, Brent M.;McBride, Spencer W. 2020 Book 0 143
Mormon Women and Scripture in the Nineteenth Century Easton-Flake, Amy 2020 Book Chapter 0 13
'Let the Devils Rap' : Mormo-materialism and the Rational Supernatural in Mormon Thought Gowey, David 2020 Dissertation 0 0
Pink and Papered : The John and Bartha Moulton Homestead and Its Relationship to Broader Trends in Rural, Mormon, and Domestic Architecture in the American West Yoder, Noah Kramer 2020 Dissertation 0 0
Orson Pratt and the Expansion of the Doctrine and Covenants Passantino, Brian C. 2020 Dissertation 0 0
In Search of Jason Mack Bell, David 2020 Journal Article 0 3
The Balance between Church and State in Tonga: A Study in Mutual Respect between the Latter-day Saints and the Royal Family Woods, Fred E. 2020 Journal Article 0 12
Dark Tourism: Healing at Historic Carthage Jail Esplin, Scott C. 2020 Journal Article 0 20
Prophecy and Pageantry: Wilford Woodruff's Wagon Box Sermon and the Creation of a Historic Memory in Southern Idaho Boatright, Gary L., Jr. 2020 Journal Article 0 8
Zion's Printing & Publishing Company: From the Redemption of Zion to Corporation Addams, R. Jean 2020 Journal Article 0 14
“Wissenschaft des” Mormonism: Jewish Studies as a Framework for Exploring Mormon Studies Hatch, Trevan G. 2020 Journal Article 0 13
Preserving the Manti Temple Anderson, Paul L. 2020 Journal Article 0 0
Roundtable: A House Full of Females: Plural Marriage and Women's Rights in Early Mormonism, 1835-1870 Talbot, Christine;Nash, Brittany Chapman;Bergera, Gary James;Bushman, Claudia L.;Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher 2020 Journal Article 0 4
Editing Arrington Bergera, Gary James 2020 Journal Article 0 1
The First Vision and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Curtis, LeGrand R. 2020 Journal Article 0 12
Raising the Stakes : How Joseph Smith’s First Vision Became All or Nothing Harper, Steven C. 2020 Journal Article 0 38
The Ongoing Restoration Curtis, LeGrand R. 2020 Journal Article 0 1
Of Contrasts, Apologies, and Authenticity : The First Visions of Joseph Smith and Ellen White in Comparison Holland, David F. 2020 Journal Article 0 1
New Age, Old Revelation : Reflections on the Millennial Contexts Marsden, George 2020 Journal Article 0 2
“Though We or an Angel from Heaven” : Evangelicals and the First Vision Mouw, Richard J. 2020 Journal Article 0 7
Methodism as Context for Joseph Smith’s First Vision Wigger, John 2020 Journal Article 0 4
Not the First but the Second : Changing Latter-day Saint Emphases on Joseph Smith’s First Vision Bennett, Richard E. 2020 Journal Article 0 12
“Experimental Proof of the Ever Blessed Trinity” : Personal Encounters with the Divine Cope, Rachel 2020 Journal Article 0 4
The Visions of Zion : A Century of Documenting the Latter-day Saint Experience at the Huntington Library Blodgett, Peter J. 2020 Journal Article 0 4
Visualizing the Vision : The History and Future of First Vision Art Sweat, Anthony 2020 Journal Article 0 17
Sermon Notes of Jesse Townsend, a Presbyterian Minister in Palmyra, New York Turner, John G. 2020 Journal Article 0 6
When Did Joseph Smith Know the Father and the Son Have “Tangible” Bodies? Welch, John W. 2020 Journal Article 0 7
Isolation, Inferiority, and Illness : The Widespread Effects of the Nineteenth-Century Mormon 'Adoption' Program on Native American Children Tree, Taylor 2020 Journal Article 0 0
Why the Prophet is a Puzzle : The Challenges of Using Psychological Perspectives to Understand the Character and Motivation of Joseph Smith, Jr. Foster, Lawrence 2020 Journal Article 0 0
What Size of City, and What Sort of City, Could (or Should) the City of Zion Be? Fox, Russell Arben 2020 Journal Article 0 0
A Commentary on Joseph Smith's Revision of First Corinthians Barney, Kevin L. 2020 Journal Article 0 0
Ace of Saints Burgess, Marissa 2020 Journal Article 0 0
Joseph Smith and the Face of Christ Rees, Robert A. 2020 Journal Article 0 0
Pando : The Secret Life of Trees Wellborn, Terresa 2020 Journal Article 0 0
Hug a Queer Latter-day Saint Ostler, Blaire 2020 Journal Article 0 0
'God Hath Taken Away His Plainness' : Some Notes on Jacob 4:14, Revelation, Canon, Covenant, and Law Hoskisson, Paul Y. 2020 Journal Article 0 0
Classic Reprint : Women in the Utah Work Force from Statehood to World War II Murphy, Miriam B. 2020 Journal Article 0 0
Women's History in Utah Historical Quarterly : A Selected Bibliography Utah State Historical Society 2020 Journal Article 0 0
The Problem of Enclosing Western Public Lands : Working Locally to Preserve Our American Commons Montoya, María E. 2020 Journal Article 0 0
Public Grazing Lands and the Progressive Conservation Movement : Reassessing the Gospel of Efficiency Pearce, Matthew A. 2020 Journal Article 0 0
After a Century : National Forest Management in the Intermountain Region at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century Alexander, Thomas G. 2020 Journal Article 0 0
The Return of Uncertainty : Public Lands in an Increasingly Unpredictable World Watt, Laura Alice 2020 Journal Article 0 0
Bucking the White Elephant : Utah's Fight for Federal Management of the Public Domain, 1923–1934 Kiser, Benjamin 2020 Journal Article 0 0