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Johnson, Jeffery Ogden

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
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On the Edge : Mormonism's Single Men Johnson, Jeffery Ogden 1983 Journal Article 3 11
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The Damage Done : An Archivist's View Johnson, Jeffery Ogden 1986 Journal Article 1 4
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Genesis of a Mormon Village : Tooele, Utah, 1851-1870 Johnson, Jeffery Ogden;Miller, Orrin P. 1990 Book Chapter 1 0
Martha Jane Knowlton Coray : 'Masculine in Her Strength of Character' Johnson, Jeffery Ogden 1978 Book Chapter 1 0
Deseret, State of Ludlow, Daniel H.;Johnson, Jeffery Ogden 1992 Encyclopedia Article 1 2
Welsh Immigrant Leads Choir to Fame Johnson, Jeffery Ogden 1982 Journal Article 0 0
Martha Jane Coray--Teacher, Writer, Recorder [of] Joseph Smith's Speeches Johnson, Jeffery Ogden 1984 Journal Article 0 0
Introduction to the Utah State Archives and Record Services Johnson, Jeffery Ogden;Whittaker, David J. 1995 Book Chapter 0 0
For 'Time and All Eternity' : The Complex Brigham Young Polygamous Household Johnson, Jeffery Ogden 2013 Book Chapter 0 0