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Campbell, David E.

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Seeking the Promised Land : Mormons and American Politics Campbell, David E. 2014 Book 25 0
Dry Kindling : A Political Profile of American Mormons Wilson, J. Matthew;Monson, J. Quin;Campbell, David E. 2007 Book Chapter 6 0
Following the Leader? : Mormon Voting on Ballot Propositions Monson, J. Quin;Campbell, David E. 2003 Journal Article 3 2
LDS Women's Attitudes toward the Church Satisfied with the Status Quo or Restless for Reform? Campbell, David E. 2016 Book Chapter 3 0
A Politically Peculiar People : How Mormons Moved into and Then out of the Political Mainstream Karpowitz, Christopher F.;Monson, J. Quin;Campbell, David E. 2016 Book Chapter 2 16