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Smith, Christopher C.

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A People’s History of Book of Mormon Archaeology: Excavating the Role of “Folk” Practitioners in the Emergence of a Field Smith, Christopher C. 2023 Journal Article 0 17
Sacred Sci-Fi : Orson Scott Card as Mormon Mythmaker Smith, Christopher C. 2011 Journal Article 0 3
The Hidden Records of Central Utah and the Struggle for Religious Authority Smith, Christopher C. 2020 Book Chapter 0 11
"That which is Lost" : Assessing the State of Preservation of the Joseph Smith Papyri Smith, Christopher C. 2011 Journal Article 3 26
Mormon Conquest : Whites and Natives in the Intermountain West Smith, Christopher C. 2016 Dissertation 4 136
Joseph Smith in Hermeneutical Crisis Smith, Christopher C. 2010 Journal Article 7 13
The Original Length of the Scroll of Hor Smith, Christopher C.;Cook, Andrew W. 2010 Journal Article 7 5
The Inspired Fictionalization of the 1835 United Firm Revelations Smith, Christopher C. 2011 Journal Article 9 15
Playing Lamanite : Ecstatic Performance of American Indian Roles In Early Mormon Ohio Smith, Christopher C. 2015 Journal Article 10 28