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Smith, Christopher C.

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Playing Lamanite : Ecstatic Performance of American Indian Roles In Early Mormon Ohio Smith, Christopher C. 2015 Journal Article 10 28
The Inspired Fictionalization of the 1835 United Firm Revelations Smith, Christopher C. 2011 Journal Article 9 15
The Original Length of the Scroll of Hor Smith, Christopher C.;Cook, Andrew W. 2010 Journal Article 7 5
Joseph Smith in Hermeneutical Crisis Smith, Christopher C. 2010 Journal Article 7 13
Mormon Conquest : Whites and Natives in the Intermountain West Smith, Christopher C. 2016 Dissertation 4 136
"That which is Lost" : Assessing the State of Preservation of the Joseph Smith Papyri Smith, Christopher C. 2011 Journal Article 3 26
Sacred Sci-Fi : Orson Scott Card as Mormon Mythmaker Smith, Christopher C. 2011 Journal Article 0 3
The Hidden Records of Central Utah and the Struggle for Religious Authority Smith, Christopher C. 2020 Book Chapter 0 11
A People’s History of Book of Mormon Archaeology: Excavating the Role of “Folk” Practitioners in the Emergence of a Field Smith, Christopher C. 2023 Journal Article 0 17