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LeSueur, Stephen C.

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
The 1838 Mormon War in Missouri LeSueur, Stephen C. 1987 Book 144 0
Missouri's Failed Compromise : The Creation of Caldwell County for the Mormons LeSueur, Stephen C. 2005 Journal Article 12 15
'High Treason and Murder' : The Examination of Mormon Prisoners at Richmond, Missouri, in November 1838 LeSueur, Stephen C. 1986 Journal Article 12 15
The Danites Reconsidered : Were They Vigilantes or Just the Mormons' Version of the Elks Club? LeSueur, Stephen C. 1994 Journal Article 12 13
The Community of Christ and the Search for a Usable Past LeSueur, Stephen C. 2002 Journal Article 2 14
The Mormon War : The Struggle to Maintain Civil Order in Northwestern Missouri in 1838 LeSueur, Stephen C. 1981 Dissertation 2 0
The Mormon experience in Missouri, 1830-39 Bringhurst, Newell G.;LeSueur, Stephen C. 2004 Book Chapter 0 0