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Speek, Vickie Cleverley

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To Hell in a Handbasket : My Journey to Find the Truth about the Angel and the Brass Plates Speek, Vickie Cleverley 2020 Book Chapter 1 0
Marriage and Family Relationships among the Strangites, 1844-1856 Speek, Vickie Cleverley 2013 Book Chapter 1 0
How Many People Lived on Beaver Island?: Numbering the Strangites 1848-1856 Speek, Vickie Cleverley 2023 Journal Article 0 5
"God Has Made Us a Kingdom" : James Strang and the Midwest Mormons Speek, Vickie Cleverley 2006 Book 44 0
From Strangites to Reorganized Latter-day Saints : Transformations in Midwestern Mormonism, 1856-79 Speek, Vickie Cleverley;Bringhurst, Newell G.;Hamer, John C. 2007 Book Chapter 6 0
Forgotten Waterway : The Illinois and Michigan Canal and Its Connection to Early Mormon History Speek, Vickie Cleverley 2011 Journal Article 0 4
Elizabeth "Betsy" McNutt : James Strang's Third Wife and the Last to Deny Him Speek, Vickie Cleverley 2005 Journal Article 1 1