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Jones, Gerald E.

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
An Early Mormon Settlement in South Dakota Jones, Gerald E. 1971 Journal Article 2 0
Concern for Animals as Manifest in Five American Churches : Bible Christian, Shaker, Latter-day Saint, Christian Scientist and Seventh-day Adventist Jones, Gerald E. 1972 Dissertation 2 0
Some Forgotten Pioneers : The Emmett Company of 1844 Jones, Gerald E. 1980 Book Chapter 2 0
Animals and the Church Jones, Gerald E. 2003 Book 1 0
A South Dakota Swede and the Book of Mormon Jones, Gerald E. 1976 Journal Article 0 0
The Place of Animals in Three American Churches Jones, Gerald E. 1986 Journal Article 0 0
Zoophily in Mormonism Jones, Gerald E. 1985 Journal Article 0 0
The Role of a Prophet and the Search for Truth Jones, Gerald E. 1980 Journal Article 0 0
Animals and the Gospel : A History of Latter-day Saint Doctrine on the Animal Kingdom Smith, Scott S.;Jones, Gerald E. 1980 Book 0 0
The Journey of an 1830 Book of Mormon Jones, Gerald E. 2001 Journal Article 0 0