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Larson, Stan

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The King Follett Discourse : A Newly Amalgamated Text Larson, Stan 1978 Journal Article 76 3
A Ministry of Meetings : The Apostolic Diaries of Rudger Clawson Larson, Stan;Clawson, Rudger 1993 Book 42 0
The William E. McLellin Papers, 1854-1880 Larson, Stan;McLellin, William E.;Passey, Samuel J. 2007 Book 26 0
Prisoner for Polygamy : The Memoirs and Letters of Rudger Clawson at the Utah Territorial Penitentiary, 1884-87 Larson, Stan;Clawson, Rudger 1993 Book 25 72
Quest for the Gold Plates : Thomas Stuart Ferguson's Search for the Book of Mormon Larson, Stan 1996 Book 20 0
A Study of Some Textual Variations in the Book of Mormon Comparing the Original and the Printer's Manuscripts and the 1830, the 1837, and the 1840 Editions Larson, Stan 1974 Dissertation 14 0
The Odyssey of Thomas Stuart Ferguson Larson, Stan 1990 Journal Article 10 13
Working the Divine Miracle : The Life of Apostle Henry D. Moyle Larson, Stan;Poll, Richard D;Poll, Richard D. 1999 Book 10 0
'A Most Sacred Possession' : The Original Manuscript of the Book of Mormon Larson, Stan 1977 Journal Article 7 0
Intellectuals in Mormon History : An Update Larson, Stan 1993 Journal Article 7 0
Textual Variants in Book of Mormon Manuscripts Larson, Stan 1977 Journal Article 6 3
Significant Textual Changes in The Book of Mormon : The first printed edition compared to the manuscripts and to the subsequent major LDS English printed editions Larson, Stan;Dinger, John S. 2013 Book 6 0
Changes in Early Texts of the Book of Mormon Larson, Stan 1976 Journal Article 4 0
What E'er Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part : The Missionary Diaries of David O. McKay McKay, David O.;England, Eugene;Larson, Stan;Larson, Patricia;Arrington, Leonard J.;Hanks, Marion D. 1999 Book 4 0
Another Look at Joseph Smith's First Vision Larson, Stan 2014 Journal Article 4 37
Unitarianism in Utah : A Gentile Religion in Salt Lake City, 1891-1991 Larson, Stan;Miller, Lorille Horne 1991 Book 3 0
Can Science Be Faith Promoting Larson, Stan;Talmage, Sterling Booth 2001 Book 3 0
Synoptic Minutes of a Quarterly Conference of the Twelve Apostles : The Clawson and Lund Diaries of July 9-11, 1901 Larson, Stan;Clawson, Rudger 1988 Journal Article 2 19
Early Book of Mormon Texts--Textual Changes to the Book of Mormon in 1837 and 1840 Larson, Stan 1976 Journal Article 2 0
Conjectural Emendation and the Text of the Book of Mormon Larson, Stan 1978 Journal Article 2 2
A 'Meeting of the Brethren' : The Discovery of the Official Minutes of a 1902 Meeting of the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles Larson, Stan 1998 Journal Article 1 0
Henry D. Moyle : A Chapter from Richard D. Poll's Unpublished Biography Larson, Stan 1997 Journal Article 0 0
Preaching the Restored Gospel : The Mormon Missionary Diaries of Frederick William Larson in Colorado, 1906-1908 Larson, Frederick William, 1880-1929;Larson, Stan 2005 Book 0 0
Thomas Stuart Ferguson and Book of Mormon Archaeology Larson, Stan;Sillito, John R.;Staker, Susan 2002 Book Chapter 0 0