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Chen, Chiung Hwang

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From pariah to paragon : Mormon and Asian American model minority discourse in news and popular magazines Chen, Chiung Hwang 2000 Dissertation 1 0
Those Amazing Mormons' : The Media's Construction of Latter-day Saints as a Model Minority Chen, Chiung Hwang;Yorgason, Ethan Robert 1999 Journal Article 11 0
Mormon and Asian American Model Minority Discourses in the News and Popular Magazines Chen, Chiung Hwang 2004 Book 2 0
'Molympics'? Journalistic Discourse of Mormons in Relation to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games Chen, Chiung Hwang 2003 Journal Article 3 0
Exodus and the Utah War : Tales from the Mormon Move South, 1858 Chen, Chiung Hwang;MacKinnon, William P. 2016 Journal Article 2 1
In Taiwan But Not of Taiwan : Challenges of the LDS Church in the Wake of the Indigenous Movement Chen, Chiung Hwang 2008 Journal Article 7 4
Rebranding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chinese-Speaking Regions Chen, Chiung Hwang 2020 Journal Article 1 5
Intersectionality Chen, Chiung Hwang;Yorgason, Ethan Robert 2020 Book Chapter 0 8