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Heinerman, John

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
The Mormon Corporate Empire Shupe, Anson D.;Heinerman, John 1985 Book 26 0
Mormonism and the New Christian Right : An Emerging Coalition? Shupe, Anson D.;Heinerman, John 1985 Journal Article 9 0
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Joseph Smith and Natural Foods : A Treatise on Mormon Diet Heinerman, John 1976 Book 2 0
State-within-a-State Diplomacy : Mormon Missionary Efforts in Communist and Islamic Countries Heinerman, John;Shupe, Anson D.;Hadden, Jeffrey K. 1988 Book Chapter 1 0
The Mormons and Thomsonian Medicine - An Experiment In Practical Religion Heinerman, John 1976 Journal Article 1 0
Wealth and Power in American Zion Shupe, Anson D.;Heinerman, John 1992 Book 1 0
The Mormon Communications Empire Shupe, Anson D.;Heinerman, John;Richardson, James T. 1988 Book Chapter 0 0